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ProCCD Mod APK App Download V1.5.0

ProCCD Mod APK App Download V1.5.0
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ProCCD Mod APK App Download V1.5.0

proccd camera hack is here for you, this version has unlocked membership rights for you, all paid features are free to enjoy, the new camera hack software and you can enjoy, customize your own retro photos, love the retro style you do not want to miss it.

proccd camera crack features

1, imitating the use of retro CCD digital camera shooting, we carefully replicate the classic appearance of the CCD card machine and the pixel style quirky operation scene layout.

2, designed CCD camera-inspired retro filter results, trying to recover the most authentic shooting experience, taking you back to the millennium.

3, strict selection of cameras, the original film straight out, slightly lower color saturation and light fading pay with the photo retro feeling.

proccd camera crack highlights

– Z30: rich colors, can faithfully render tones and details, suitable for a variety of photo scenes.

– M532: Fading and low saturation give photos a nostalgic feel; good skin tone performance, suitable for portraits.

– U300: Cool blue-green tones give photos a sense of literary Japanese movie atmosphere, suitable for landscape photography.

– IXUS95: with warm yellow tones and unique grain texture, retro film sense, is the first choice for street photography.

proccd camera crack features

– Turn on the flash to shoot the atmosphere sense of cold white skin, shoot the cream muscle.

– Real-time preview effect of the viewfinder frame, what you see is what you get.

– Classic time stamp to restore the sense of age, the future has a custom watermark style launched.

– ISO, exposure compensation, color saturation, ISO, dark angle and other professional camera parameters can be freely adjusted to simulate film camera parameters.

– Support importing album images and adding retro film camera filters to present a vintage feel with one click.

– Timed shooting, flip the lens, easy selfie out of the emotional blockbuster.

Update Log

Version v2.0.2

1. new camera: H10, suitable for night portraits and urban night scenes, with flash on for better results.

2. add border function on video editing page, carefully simulated retro DV camera interface, full of atmosphere.

3. add the recently deleted function on the settings page, you can retrieve the accidentally deleted items within three days here.

4. add a new set of old paper style puzzle template. 5.

5. and a wave of small optimization waiting for you to find. 6.

6. fix the problem.

1. New camera: DCR. It has a low-fidelity and slight dispersion effect, with a millennial retro feel.
2. Added a 1:1 ratio on the shooting page.
3. Added various templates for picture collages and videos.
4. Added 2 new date stamps.
5. Performance improvements.
ProCCD Mod APK App Download V1.5.0
Download ProCCD Mod APK App Download V1.5.0 

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