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Primeshots app apk download latest v 2.6

Primeshots app apk download latest v 2.6
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Primeshots app apk download latest v 2.6

The latest version of Proshot 2022 is a very popular mobile phone camera artifact. There are many shooting functions in the software waiting for you to experience.

Various filters can also be adjusted. Friends who like to take pictures come to the appplaystore to download and experience!

Software Description:

The latest version of Proshot 2022 can help you easily send a variety of beautiful photos, even if you don’t know photography, it doesn’t matter, you can learn it slowly with 0 basics.

Proshot detailed usage:

1. Go to appplaystore to download and install “proshot”

2. When you open the APP for the first time, there will be an opening animation. After the animation is over, there will be three options, video tutorial, user manual and completion (ie skip).

3. Then enter the shooting page, the upper left corner is the album, after the shooting is completed, you can click the upper left corner to enter the album. The lightning icon is to turn on/off the flash, and the middle is the photo ratio, camera aperture, IOS, white balance and other parameters. The upper right corner is the entry for all parameter settings.

4. Click on the upper right corner to enter the page for setting various shooting parameters. The combination of Chinese and English can be understood by those who often use the camera.

5. There are also many parameter settings in the lower left corner of the main page, all of which are displayed in simplified icons or in English. Users need to think about it. After reading, there are mainly items such as light painting, video shooting settings, and interval shooting.

6. There is a preset bar in the lower right corner. Users can set IOS, white balance, brightness and other parameters in advance, and click to call when shooting.

Core functions:

1. AF assist

2. Leave the heavy SLR camera at home and shoot professionally with ProShot to escort you.

3. Take pictures in JPEG, RAW or RAW JPEG format (RAW = .DNG file)

4. Shoot at 16:9, 4:3 and 1:1 ratios at full resolution

5. Manual, semi-manual or fully automatic control of exposure, flash, focus, ISO, shutter speed, fill light and white balance

6. Auto, Program, Manual and two fully self-controllable modes, just like SLR cameras

7. 4K video

8. No stutter exposure

9. HDR, night and action scene modes

10. Custom zoom ratio

11. Full resolution continuous shooting, timing and time fast forward modes, everything can be fully manually controlled

12. Auto ISO option, turn manual mode into shutter priority

Software advantages:

1. Beautify and simply patch photos with easy-to-use one-click functions.

2. Improved performance to handle large files, such as panoramic photos and high-definition photos.

3. Adjust the contrast, exposure and white balance to automatically enhance the beauty of the picture.

Primeshots app apk download latest v 2.6
Download Primeshots app apk download latest v 2.6 

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