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Prequel MOD APP APK V1.55.0 (Gold Unlocked, Premium)

Prequel MOD APP APK V1.55.0  (Gold Unlocked, Premium)
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Prequel MOD APP APK V1.55.0

PREQUEL:AestheticEditor is a video editing application with many features for you to use. You can update trends that many people use and add them to your videos. Also, with the diversity and increase in the number over time, you will take the time to take advantage of what it can bring. In fact, it is a tool for creating trending videos on social networking sites.

Edit videos with various effects and filters

Filters and effects have always been a feature of editing applications similar to PREQUEL. Therefore, updating with new features is an exciting thing and engages the user experience. In this version, users will find the Ice and Fire filters to turn your videos into the appropriate color gamut. Two new effects, Fog and Midnight, will help you add an impressive mysterious and cinematic effect.

The application has an amazing number of filters and effects that you will spend time learning. What they have in common is that you will be able to see the results after applying the filter or effect. At the same time, they bring elements that sometimes exceed your expectations and you can adjust them yourself to make the colors more suitable for the video. Therefore, in each element, you will see the Intensity button.

The intensity feature is simple because you can increase or decrease the intensity of the elements brought by filters and effects without making other viewers uncomfortable. Also, during use, you will be able to determine the color of your video yourself with the Exposure feature. This feature includes many other exciting features when you can manually adjust the color elements of your video to make it more distinctive than its basic version.

Express your personality in the product

Among the color elements provided by PREQUEL, you actually need to update new ones from time to time, as they may be trending on social networks. Also, you can use them quickly while viewing the trends section. You can also arrange unique content combined with effects and filters, such as interesting texts or songs not to be missed. Each element has a way of influencing the viewer.

Text is a new tool that users can find in the latest version of the application, helping to bring exciting and highly decorative text content. You will find ways to combine it with the elements mentioned above and will need your experience. Also, adding a song that fits the mood of the video can ultimately improve the effectiveness of conveying the content in the video to the viewer. You should consider using some other interesting stickers.

Export videos as easily as you want

After you have added a lot of fun to your videos with PREQUEL, the last thing you need to do is to export your creations and use them in the way you want. You will have to wait a few minutes for the operation to complete, after which a number of options will appear. These options are usually the platforms you want to share; for example, you can host this video as you wish or you can put it on different social networking platforms.

Main features

Add effects to photos and videos

This application was created to help you create “wild” social creations from your photos and videos. Benefit from a myriad of photo filters, noise effects and vintage styles. In addition, you can add sound effects. You may be sorry when you tell your children about this interesting effect.

PREQUEL allows you to apply dozens of free filters to the short videos you create with this app. Or maybe the favorite video in your album. You can select and preview the filters by swiping your finger on your phone screen. Just like you’re applying some of the filters available on Instagram, so easy!


Most filters can be applied to anything. For example, you can apply a photo filter to a video. However, as you may have guessed, the motion picture filter does not apply to still images.

The quality of the finished image is very good, and we especially like filters that simulate the view from a rain window falling outside or reproduce the light trails common on old mechanical cameras.

Selfie Camera

The app also has a cool selfie camera with live effects and post-photo filters for whiter teeth, smoother skin, and brighter and smoother hair. And yes, the last feature is only available for animals.

Share stories on social networks

You can easily share your creations as stories on social networking sites Facebook, and Instagram. As your number of followers grows, it will surely keep you happy all day long. The photos and videos are so impressive. You have what it takes to be a professional photographer.


When talking about all the features, one may sweat and think whether all these premium features will definitely come with a price. Well, there’s nothing wrong with you, the price is what you read for all this effort. So be it. Otherwise, you will get the Prequel MOD APK download for absolutely no charge. So what are you waiting for? Download it and let us know how your experience went.

Hi! We're working hard on making Prequel perfect for you and are ready with some updates.
Find in this version:
Create your own realistic cartoon character with the new TOY 3D effect! Another one hype AI, the first one 3D, recreating the style of the famous cartoon universe — that’s all about TOY 3D! Edit the whole pic, or highlight the portrait with stylish and adjustable cartoon backgrounds!
Thank you for all your feedback and support!
Prequel MOD APP APK V1.55.0  (Gold Unlocked, Premium)
Download Prequel MOD APP APK V1.55.0 (Gold Unlocked, Premium) 

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