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Potion Punch APP download v6.7.4

Potion Punch APP download v6.7.4
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Potion Punch APP Download v6.7.4

Players experience what it’s like to mix and create different drugs that are very interesting and engaging. Especially for those who are passionate about medical research and drug development, Potion Punch is a game specially made for them. Here every player can feel the most real feeling. In addition to creating medicines to cure diseases, players can also invent different types of poisons. A series of challenging missions have been created to challenge your playing abilities.

Potion Punch

Create new potions by mixing colors

Come Potion Punch, players are spoiled for choice by mixing colors. But there is one condition, you must mix them together according to the rules set by the game. You can also make many medicines yourself with new recipes according to your wit and creativity. Players can craft potions of different colors, and to make these potions, you need to master the theory of color and mixing.

Cook attractive and unique dishes

Players need to create their own delicacies to solve their food needs. In this exciting game world, the player cannot find any food. Therefore, players need to cook new dishes for themselves to ensure that their stomachs are not hungry. The ingredients for these dishes are also simple: the roots and meat of geckos and dragons. These materials are invaluable, and players need to save them and have to hoard them.

Meet customer requirements

In addition to freely creating new medicines, players must provide the best service to their guests. They always have demands and requirements for medicines, for rare and highly poisonous poisons. Based on the client’s request, you invent the right drug. In particular, you have to deliver to those customers on time, and the medicines have to be of good quality. All those guests have a soft spot for potions, so it’s your job to fulfill their requests and demands.

Expand the size of the pharmacy

As the business continues to grow, players will earn huge sums of money from it. Use the money to expand the store. Players can establish small branches in various locations around the world, from villages to modern cities. Not only that, but you can also redecorate your shops to make them more fashionable and beautiful. The store system is equipped with a series of highly modern equipment to provide customers with the best experience.

Become a talented money maker

With the potions you create, you’ll earn a decent amount of money from them. Moreover, the price of the medicine is several times higher. So your getting rich gets faster. Players use essences and spells to create potions and satisfy customers. You have to earn a lot of money to compete with other players and reach the top of the leaderboard.

Simple game for all audiences

Players can enjoy impressive creations of medicines and potions supported by attractive graphics and a lively sound system. Potion Punch presents players with an excellent, extremely eye-catching interface. It creates a lively gaming space for you, increasing your inspiration while gaming. Players can enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation without being interrupted by ads. The gameplay is straightforward and easy to understand, making it suitable for many different audiences.

Main features

Create new and unique medicines and potions based on colors, essences, and different spells.
Mastering and understanding the theory of color mixing combine with creative thinking to create a variety of options.
Expand the store and add more branches to them in different locations, redecorate the interior, and add modern equipment.
Dedicated to serving guests and giving them a wonderful experience while fulfilling all their requests and demands.
Cute, funny graphics and loud sounds allow you to enjoy hilarious moments of entertainment.
Use your wits to complete the assigned tasks and get many awards and prestigious titles to become the best money maker in this game.
A series of challenges have been created to challenge your gaming abilities; it’s also a playground for everyone to show off their crafting skills and invent potions and potions.

The next chapter of your magical cooking adventure awaits! Get the latest version to access new content.

• New boosters to make potion-making easier than ever!
• Shop for all your needs at the brand new and centralized market
• Bug fixes and performance optimizations

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Potion Punch APP download v6.7.4
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