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Pocket World 3D Mod App Apk Download V3.12

Pocket World 3D Mod App Apk Download V3.12
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Pocket World 3D Mod App Apk Download V3.12

Pocket World 3d latest version 2022 (Pocket World 3D) is a fun and relaxing 3D puzzle game, all models are based on world famous buildings, and each model has unique content introduction underneath, so that players can understand the world better through the buildings. The gameplay is similar to jigsaw puzzles, but the difference is that the puzzle materials are in 2D, while all the materials in the game have a 3D stereoscopic effect. Here you need to place various materials in accordance with the areas planned on the chassis, single-story buildings can be quickly assembled, multi-level buildings require the user to build a good layer before the next layer of the building. Different model parts, often need to turn the model to the corresponding orientation to be assembled successfully. Players in the parts will be assembled into a variety of models at the same time, you can also feel the exotic atmosphere around the world, its exquisite model shape, delicate material depiction, finished exquisite as if the noble temperament of art, bring players a kind of spiritual washing.

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Not only that, in pocket world 3d Chinese version of the game when the work is completed, you can take pictures, you can also choose to open the AR mode, so that the game’s architecture and the real background in one, presenting a dream-like visual effects. In addition, the game graphics of pocket world 3d is very beautiful, and in the process of the game using a 360 degree rotation angle, after the completion of the building can be moved up and down to get more appreciation of the perspective. The game’s materials are not only fine, but also very realistic, the art effect is very amazing, is definitely a rare game good. If you are a fan of puzzle games, if you have time to spend, if you like beautiful art materials, if you are interested in cultural architecture around the world, then please do not miss it easily, come to download and experience it.

Pocket World 3d latest version 2022 features

1, the game has a very large number of various color levels, and each graphic is completely different, through the combination of various colors to bring a three-dimensional sense.

2, the difficulty will gradually become more difficult as the levels are upgraded, and the broken blocks will become smaller and smaller, adding more complexity.

3, the use of special lens rotation angle, so that the game can have more than one side of the fragment to show, but also to bring the player difficulty.

Gameplay introduction

1、Assemble by yourself, hands-on assembly, experience the fun of assembly.

2, 3D vision, a new 3D puzzle game to train the brain, open your imagination.

3、Here are hundreds of famous scenes that take you around the world with your smartphone.

4、Enjoy classical music while managing models.

Game highlights

1、The game has a very rich graphic content, players are able to constantly challenge different paintings in the game.

2, to show their own matching and beauty, to children to develop their intelligence.

3, and the game is in accordance with the completion of the work to pass, so the player will be able to choose the next level after completion.

Pocket World 3d newbie strategy

1, download into the pocket world 3d game, where you can through the building to better understand the world.
2, the game provides a number of journeys to explore.
3, each theme has multiple scenes, allowing you to feel the exotic atmosphere of the world.
4, you need to move the objects to the correct location in the map to place.
5, in the process of placement sometimes need to rotate to find the correct location.
6, of course, some locations are very hidden, you need to look carefully to do.
7, you can also zoom in to see the details of the building, better placement.
8, through the two fingers can also move the model Oh.
9, successfully put the building puzzle together, you can unlock more famous buildings.
10, the above is the general introduction of the game for you about the pocket world 3d, I hope it will help you.

Game advantages

1、No longer bound by time, place and network.

2、Single-player world is also wonderful, upload the archive for worship.

3、Super cool panoramic 3d map, locate the direction of home at any time.

4, unlimited squares, unlimited creativity, create mode to play when you want to play.

5、Survival mode is full of challenges, brothers together to meet the battle.

Game evaluation

1, rich game props, complete our various props to help players to present.

2, many wonderful game achievements, get more achievements, for the players to bring.

3, in the game constantly improve our building, fantastic game adventure challenge, feel more fun!

Bug fxed version
- Attribute Tower, climb new levels to win the ranking.

[Travel Journal]
- "Greystone Mansion", a blend of Gothic and Neoclassical styles.

[Treasure Hunt]
- Reopen, "Albert Dock", Liverpool's most important port.

[New City]
- Ulm, Einstein's hometown.

We will continue to optimize the user experience.
Feedback is welcome anytime!
Pocket World 3D Mod App Apk Download V3.12
Download Pocket World 3D Mod App Apk Download V3.12 

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