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Photo Translator app mod apk download v8.5.8

Photo Translator app mod apk download v8.5.8
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Photo Translator app mod apk download v8.5.8

Battery HD Pro is a very practical Android battery monitoring software, which allows users to fully understand the details of cell phone battery use, the battery consumption, the remaining available time, and the proportion of each application’s consumption. It also supports the manual control and setting of charging mode, power display color, etc., so that the use of the battery is more durable.

Function introduction:

  • The gadget provides wallpaper function, notification function, chart function, etc
  • You can also check how long the power can be used in different usage modes
  • For example, how long can I work after listening to music
  • How long can the video work
  • How long can I work on the phone
  • How long can browsing the web work
  • Battery color setting function
  • Charging mode setting function, etc

Software highlights

1. It can accurately calibrate and monitor the usage of mobile phone battery.

2. You can view the usage time and power consumption of each mobile app.

3. It can view the temperature and voltage of the battery and analyze the battery health status.

4. It can accurately estimate the service life of mobile phone battery and check the battery loss.


Battery HD Pro will help you complete everything related to the mobile phone battery: check the battery, monitor the health condition and battery life, and deal with abnormal problems in a timely manner, such as rapid battery depletion, charging failure… so as to help maintain the life and health of the smartphone. In my opinion, this application is very necessary, you should try to download it.

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Photo Translator app mod apk download v8.5.8
Download Photo Translator app mod apk download v8.5.8 

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