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PAC-Man Mod Apk v11.0.6 (Premium/ ads-free) Download

PAC-Man Mod Apk v11.0.6 (Premium/ ads-free) Download
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PAC-MAN is a game transplanted from the arcade game of the same name to the Atari 2600 platform. It was first launched on the arcade by Namco in 1980, and then the Atari 2600 version was released by Atari in mid-March 1982. Pac-Man’s earliest stage name was Pakkuman, derived from the pronunciation of “パクパク食べる” paku-paku taberu, paku-paku means the movement and sound of opening and closing the mouth, and vividly depicts the life attitude of “I eat, so I am”.

pac-man game

PAC-MAN game mode

The purpose of PAC-MAN game is to control the protagonist of the game, the elf, to eat all the beans hidden in the maze without being caught by the ghost. At the four corners of the maze are large flashing dots called Mighty Pills, which offer the elves a short time to eat ghosts in turn. The ghost will turn dark blue during this time, flee in the opposite direction, and usually move slowly.

Interestingly, when the ghost is eaten, its eyes are still there, and it will fly back to the haunted house and regenerate to return to its normal color. When the dark blue ghost flashes in reverse, it means that the effectiveness of Dali Pill is about to disappear, and as the game progresses, the effective time of Dali Pill will become shorter and shorter. In the later stage of the game, when the Dali Pill is eaten, the ghost will not change color, but will still flee in the opposite direction.

Pac-Man gameplay mechanism introduction

1. 3 game modes

There are 3 game modes: “Adventure Mode” where PAC-MAN embarks on an adventure to save his kidnapped family, “Maze Mode” where PAC-MAN runs around in a 3D maze, and “Original Mode” where you can enjoy playing the original game.

The adventure mode is a 3D action game mode, and it is also the main mode of this work. Before PAC-MAN’s birthday party begins, PAC-MAN’s family is kidnapped by ghosts due to the plot of the evil robot “Toc-Man”. In order to save the family, PAC-MAN will embark on adventures in 6 incredible worlds on the ghost island and face all enemies bravely.

2. Completely remake and easier to play action operations

This is a complete remake of “PAC-MAN WORLD 20th ANNIVERSARY”. After improving the picture quality, adding action elements, and adjusting the combat system of the boss battle, the operability of jumping, suppression, and PAC DASH has also been improved, making this game easier to play.

3. In addition, a new element has been added, and the giant PAC-MAN will appear soon.

Players will be able to operate PAC-MAN to fly or jump, or run or dive, making full use of PAC-MAN’s rich movements and marching forward bravely to the finish line.


  • The purpose of the game is very simple, that is, our Pac-Man with his big mouth goes to every place in the picture and eats all the little yellow dots in the picture of each level.
  • In terms of operation, just press the left, right, up and down arrow keys, and you can control where the protagonist goes.
  • The only principle is to avoid other bugs in each level and not touch them. Otherwise, a life will be lost.
  • When approaching the bugs, we’d better wait for the bugs to decide which side to go, and then go, don’t go in the same direction as them.
  • Some dead ends, we’d better go in when the bugs are away, otherwise it’s really a dead end.
  • The hole in the picture is not a place to escape, but a place where bugs appear.
  • When all the beans in the level are eaten, the level will be passed automatically.


The Pac-Man game is a super classic casual puzzle mobile game. In the Pac-Man game, it has a super simple game screen design. It focuses on changing gameplay, and has a high degree of game freedom. It tests the player’s strategy. Sex, you need to use your brains to pass the level easily. Of course, the overall game operation is very simple and easy to use, and there are super rich levels waiting for you to play, hurry to download Pac-Man game and try it!

Whole new look and feel of the game
Brand new Adventure. Enjoy custom themed Mazes, Collectible Cards, and an exclusive Cosmetic Skin!
Bug fixes and performance improvements
PAC-Man Mod Apk v11.0.6 (Premium/ ads-free) Download
Download PAC-Man Mod Apk v11.0.6 (Premium/ ads-free) Download 

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