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Otherworld Legends app apk download latest v1.14.3

Otherworld Legends app apk download latest v1.14.3
  • Updated
  • Version 1.14.3
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Developer ChillyRoom
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
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Otherworld Legends app apk download latest v1.14.3

The graphics quality of the Otherworld Legends game is very good, the details are very strong, and it is really fun. At the same time, the game adopts random levels, hidden rooms, secret stores, hidden bosses and other dungeon elements waiting for you to explore.

About Otherworld Legends:

Otherworld Legends is a version made by a studio, a super action Roguelike game. Explore unique worlds with different styles, including refreshing bamboo forests, Zen courtyards, grand underground labyrinths and psychedelic void palaces. Control all kinds of heroes with outstanding combat power, collect and combine strange and interesting props, each game is a unique game experience! Excellent warriors from different eras and regions in the world, in the Shura fantasy created by King Asura, passed the layers of trials , and finally discover the secret behind this illusory world.

Otherworld Legends Game Features:

There are many types of weapons, as many as hundreds of choices, and there are several novel suits for you to experience.

More dungeons are available for you, event dungeons, festival dungeons, and so on are all very exciting.

Otherworld Legends has a variety of occupations to choose from, and many occupations are full of charm, and they are all very good fighters.

Otherworld Legends game recommended reasons:

1. Rich challenge activities, play various new maps, free competitive combat ability, enhance strength and wonderful competition;

2. Surprises brought by different dungeon adventures, try the matching gameplay of various skills, and deal with various crises accordingly;

3. Each level of Otherworld Legends has its own different maps waiting for you to challenge, enjoy the passion brought by the battle, and endlessly brush monsters to upgrade your skills.

4. Experience a block fighting trip without backup. The opponents are well-equipped and some have their own high-tech. You must learn to deal with various challenges;

Otherworld Legends synthesis formula Daquan 2022:

1. Fire elf, ice elf, thunder elf = elf king (all attribute elf, always in invincible state, can release large-scale lightning, freezing, burning effects, is the strongest rare item)

2. Phantom Mirror, Samurai Helmet, Grimace = Shadow Dancer (Summons two powerful shadow dancers, with high attack speed, high attack, and thick HP)

3. Riberius Cross Random item = Saint Riberius (Summons the white knight, the white knight greatly increases the damage, and the attack becomes a sword)

4. Marked slate + sky monkey + random props = fire support (mark the enemy when attacked, release skills to get air support and attack to mark the target)

5. Heart of Blood + Nitroglycerin + Random Item = Emperor Engine (Dodge increases attack speed, lasts for a period of time, and can be superimposed infinitely)

6. Boxing gloves + fire wizard + random items = flame gloves (probability to stun the enemy when hit, hit the stun target to trigger a fire explosion)

7. Ice Elf + Holy Grail + Random Item = Lunar Holy Grail (Kill the enemy, ice will appear on the ground, and the ice is a collidable unit)

8. Fear mask + sacrificial machete + random item = final sacrifice (defeat the enemy to make the enemy fall into fear, and generate soul missiles, the soul missile hits the enemy will also make the enemy fear)

9. Red mushroom + fireball + random item = super-powerful fireball (when attacking the enemy, a large fireball will appear to explode forward, with a cooldown of about 2S)

10. Bart + Pegasus running shoes + random props = flash bat (call flash bat, in invincible state, teleport to attack the enemy)

11. The Soul of the Dog + Titan + Random Item = The Soul Beast Tek (Summon a Husky, the Husky is the same as a pet, and the effect of the character’s Soul of the Dog will not disappear)

12. Lucky Cat + Source of Plague + Random Items = Golden Lucky Cat (Enemies who die around will drop a lot of gold coins)

The synthetic strength is roughly as follows:

Boss room: Elf King > Shadow Dancer > Flame Gloves > Emperor Engine > Saint Liberius > The Rest

Small monsters attack the house: Elf King > The Last Offering > Super Powerful Fireball > Soul Beast Tek > The rest

Lack of gold coins can be used to synthesize golden lucky cats, which drop a lot of gold coins. Compared with garbage, the synthesis is rare: Bing Ling (it will generate collision units, it is easy to get stuck), flash bat (garbage flash bat, low damage and slow attack),

Fire support (it is only effective when attacked, and the damage of fire support is not high)

Otherworld Legends game newbie guide:

1. Be a fighter at the beginning, and it is also a good choice to switch to a career later. Choose a shield! This is an important role of the team;

2. If there is a shield who can play the boss in the later stage, you will find that it will not be particularly difficult to fight;

3. This is also the profession I’m working on together. The trick is to block the boss’s attack, and then the teammates will come to the output.

Otherworld Legends Character Introduction:

Quan Tiger Eagle

That is, the initial role of the person called Sister Quan. All of her data are well-organized and flexible. The four-hit combo with bare hands, the damage and the sense of operation strike are very good. The attack range is almost a short straight-line distance straight ahead. Tieshan Reli can stun the enemy, and Leisha Liefeng Fist (one-handed knife is very violent) is a good choice for beginners.


The health and shields are low, but the output is high, and it is very flexible. It can also attack the enemy while dodging. The front and back movements of the action are very short.

Gerald Gundam: In Otherworld Legends, he has strong HP, super high defense, and lack of flexibility. Although he can’t dodge, he can hold a shield and has both offense and defense. The meteor hammer is powerful and can also be charged. It is worth mentioning that Gundam also has AOE blood recovery skills.


The only long-range attack character, Biubiubiu, plus charged arrows and various skills, can also use a knife to move the enemy flexibly.


Engineer, the HP is average, and the attack power is not very high. Although it looks a bit bulky, it is actually very flexible to roll around. Use various mechanical turrets, helicopters to attack the enemy, and even wear armor, which is a very unique character.

Otherworld Legends props guide:

Items are an important ingredient in Otherworld Legends

Weapons come with random items

Not counting weapons, you can only carry four props, and the extra props will be put in the backpack

Possibility to get props in many rooms

Some prop combinations may have stronger effects

Props can be synthesized from specific scenes


When the enemy’s HP is high, the attack will deal more damage to it

Great for high damage characters like Ginzo, making one-hit kills easier

Krypton Gold Equipment

The gold you have increases your damage

It is more efficient to cooperate with piggy bank and lucky cat

After taking it, you can beat the store manager, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your hands to reduce damage.

sacrificial knife

When defeating an enemy, generate a magic ball to track and attack the enemy

It’s okay to fight monsters, try not to have high blood, and you don’t need group damage characters.

It’s very useless to fight a single boss

Soul Shackles

Attacks are transmitted to nearby enemies

The monsters are so happy

Playing a single Boss is the same as a certain knife

The master of the square has miraculous effects (presumably)

life change

Life is converted to shields, and shield regeneration is greatly increased

Artifact, equivalent to high-speed blood recovery

It is recommended to use items such as genetic sickle that can increase the upper limit of blood volume to brush the blood volume and then use life conversion

It is not recommended for characters and handicapped people with a low HP limit

Vanguard Shield

Increase shield cap

General attribute promotion props, which can cooperate with life conversion

piggy bank

Increase gold coin acquisition

It works wonders with krypton gold props and lucky cats

It can be said that it indirectly increases the probability of obtaining other props


Increase attack speed

Sister Quan Hentai Hard Straight

Items that can be used with each attack to have an effect

mark slate

Enemies that attack you take more damage

Suitable for meat shield

bone ring

Increase critical strike chance

Like nitroglycerin, it can be equipped with a lot of crit-effect props

victory flag

Gain buffs after clearing the room

I don’t know what this buff is, maybe it’s an attribute?

should still be useful

life hook

Regenerate health on critical hit

According to my understanding, characters with high crit have low life, so this prop is very useful

pet you are lost (fog)

Summon a Ribelius

An oversized little brother, the damage is very high, the attack is divided into two sections, the first section is to cut down, and the second section is up. The second segment does more damage (I wonder why)

The younger brother has a certain amount of blood. After being defeated, he will become a pool of scrap metal, and will be resurrected after a period of time.

Phantom Mirror

get a phantom

Sister Quan happy mirror

suitable for various roles

Mirelha's attack on obstacles is more accurate.
Added skin description to Penhaligon-Nutcracker.
Fixed the cooldown glitch of Penhaligon-Supreme Command.
Fixed the area glitch of Peddler-Swinging Kitty-1000kg Swing.
Fixed the glitches of Hannah's bullet size of M1894 Rifle and bullet rebound.
Fixed the glitch of locked item slot.
Fixed the glitch of Banned Items slot.
Fixed the glitch of Give Me Five.
Optimized Totem Spirit's display.
Other optimizations and bugs fixed.
Otherworld Legends app apk download latest v1.14.3
Download Otherworld Legends app apk download latest v1.14.3 
Mega Menu, Unlimited Money, VIP Unlocked, All Characters
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