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Onefootball app download Android mobile version v8.2.0

Onefootball app download Android mobile version v8.2.0
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Onefootball app download Android mobile version v8.2.0

OneFootball is an application that helps you quickly update many aspects of football matches and players. You will be able to easily learn about upcoming matches and accurate details. At the same time, every user can find information about player transfers and matches being replayed in your area. Therefore, this can be considered as a helpful application for you.

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Watch news and videos on a bigger screen

An interesting aspect of the new version of OneFootball that is worth mentioning is that users can view game-related information completely conveniently on large screens such as TVs. This is entirely possible with a Chromecast connection, and it provides an amazing experience any user would love. So you won’t miss any important information about your long-awaited match.

Update tournament information in an easy way

If you’re a football fan and looking for a quick way to find information, you should try OneFootball. Its functionality is straightforward as users can easily update information about matches, scores, fundamental developments and many other factors. From there, you don’t need to spend too much time searching because all the essential information is collected in one app.

Follow the schedule of the seasons

One thing users will love about OneFootball is accurate updates on upcoming matches. You’ll find a list, and it’s your job to wait for those matches to happen. At the same time, if you don’t have time to watch the game, you can also get important information such as the score, when it was scored, who scored it, and so on. So it satisfies the enthusiasm of many users.

Stream live matches easily

In OneFootball, there will be many valuable features that will help you to update the information instantly, these are the matches that are covered live. You will be able to listen to the information as if it were a radio, and you will be able to work while listening to the information being reported. At the same time, the app also provides many videos that capture key moments of the game, and you can search and view what you want.

Update showtimes for games

For sure, this app is not a substitute for the experience of watching football as it only brings you the necessary information. So if you want to watch those games again, use the TV guide feature. This feature helps you update the schedule of some games in your area. The app supports some countries like the UK, France, the USA, and some others. So, if you haven’t seen the game, this is a feature you shouldn’t miss.

Read sports and transfer information

It is also not to be overlooked that users can find all kinds of information related to the competition. Football news is constantly updated for you to read every morning, and transfer information is also integrated in the app. Specifically, it is the transfer contracts related to players, everyone will have a general understanding, and these can be regarded as information that will attract the attention of many people in the sports industry.

No One Gets You Closer!

We know soccer! and if we know, you know!

In this update we fixed minor bugs & added improvements to enhance your OneFootball experience: dive into exclusive content, breaking news, transfer rumours & even more around all things soccer.

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Onefootball app download Android mobile version v8.2.0
Download Onefootball app download Android mobile version v8.2.0 

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