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One Booster apk download lastest version

One Booster apk download lastest version
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One Booster apk download lastest version

ONE BOOSTER is a free cell phone speed cleaning tool that has been unlocked for members, ONE BOOSTER is very powerful, quickly helping you to free memory, clean up junk, phone acceleration, battery power saving, cpu cooling and other operations, you can also set the software as the phone desktop, the function is very strong welcome to download for free.

New features

1. Shortcut

Long press our application icon, you can quickly use our core functions to optimize your phone.

2.Desktop widget

Using the desktop widget, you can make your phone fast with just one click.


Junk Cleaning

One Booster cleans up junk, uninstall residue and cache files to free up your storage space.

Use our professional cleanup feature to clean cached data to free up more space and never worry about deleting files by mistake again.

Free Virus Defender

TRUSTLOOK certified One Booster’s free antivirus engine scans all installed apps to block and remove viruses, effectively protecting your phone from viruses, Trojans and keeping your privacy safe!

Phone Speed Up

Free up RAM and speed up your phone with one click. After boosting your phone’s performance, you can run to test the acceleration effect.

Intelligent power saving

One Booster helps save battery power by hibernating running applications.

CPU Cooler

CPU Cooler reduces your Android phone’s CPU temperature with one click.

Fast and easy

One Booster’s user interface is simple, intuitive and easy to use. One Booster cleans up cache and junk files with one click, freeing up your phone’s RAM.

Software Fuction

1. With just one click, you can optimize and speed up your Android phone with one click. One Booster also scans and clears the cache and junk files in your phone, greatly improving the running speed of your phone.

2、Effective phone acceleration and smart cache cleaning function – Still worried about the phone storage space is not enough? Just one easy click to clear the junk and unnecessary files and improve your phone’s performance with one click!

3、Intelligent power saving-Feel that the battery is draining faster than before? Hibernate the running applications to save your power!

4、Android Virus Guard – Worried about viruses or phishing? One Booster’s virus solution ensures your device is free of malware, exploits, adware and Trojans!

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Software Highlights

1、[Professional Cleanup] Scan your phone in all directions, clean up redundant files generated in WeChat or QQ chat, clean up excess cache, without affecting WeChat chat records, and make chatting smoother.

2, [Junk Cleanup] clean up the phone junk, free up storage space, to solve the root of the phone card slow problem, one key to accelerate, so that the old models rejuvenated.

3, [phone slim] intelligent scanning duplicate files, invalid large files, batch delete, junk cleanup phone butler, say goodbye to the lack of space.

4, [Notification bar management] Manage Taobao, Jindo, Jingdong, Netease news and other common software tedious push, say goodbye to the cluttered notification bar.

5, [Phone acceleration] to improve the running speed of the phone, phone memory cleaning, more smooth game.

6, [Software cleaning] all software junk nothing to hide, advertising plug-ins easily removed.

Software Advantage

The ultimate game booster to get the best performance

One Booster applies powerful AI to the entire performance system of the device, users need to access games through this application to activate its booster function. This process automatically stops all applications or software running in the background of the device for complete optimization. At the same time, it improves the running speed of the component, but in return, it consumes the battery faster than usual. However, the performance of the game will be enhanced so that the user gets the best experience.

The application not only improves the performance, but also automatically changes the graphic quality required for the game, for example by reducing the image quality or optimizing the system to make it more compatible. The booster process will constantly and automatically stimulate the device’s components and is compatible with most games on the market today. It also comes with a device cooling system for the user to maintain the device after the booster process.

Integrated anti-virus software for additional protection

In addition to providing users with a game acceleration system, the application is integrated with an antivirus system to safely access the Internet or download any file needed. Its protection is superior and flexible, automatically searching the entire device on a regular basis for viruses or malicious files already present in the device. After completing the scan, users can handle everything from repair, fix and erase to protect the device and more.

Clean up your phone from junk files

One Booster will also come with a junk file cleaner that millions of users trust for its performance. Its ability to detect junk files is both fast and accurate, mainly the ones that appear automatically next to games or when the user accesses the Internet. They are sometimes harmful to the device, so cleaning them is considered a strong point of the device, and they are even automatically detected and cleaned every time they appear in the device. Of course, this feature is only available for files that are disabled or don’t have any links to important content.

One Booster apk download lastest version
Download One Booster apk download lastest version 

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