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Obd Mary app apk download v1.198 (Unlocked)

Obd Mary app apk download v1.198 (Unlocked)
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Obd Mary app apk download v1.198

Obd Mary provides users with useful information related to their vehicles when connected to the appropriate adapter. You can easily learn about their problems, statistics, or sports history. Also, the application supports many different display methods to help users get accurate information.

Obd Mary

Check for problems related to your car

Obd Mary’s features are useful because they allow them to check and adjust certain aspects of their vehicle. From there, they will know what problems can be solved automatically without the need to take them to the store and avoid wasting money. Once you have all the devices needed for this application to connect with your vehicle, you will be able to unlock these features.

Use the adapter and connect it to your car

Before you can access the features of Obd Mary, you need to prepare an ELM327 adapter. You will then plug it into the desired location and begin the process of connecting to the adapter from your Android device via Bluetooth connection. You will proceed to launch the application and start pressing the connect button at the bottom of the screen. From there, you will see the icon in the app light up, indicating a successful connection.

Find out what’s wrong with your car

After a successful connection using Obd Mary, the user will be taken to the first diagnostic feature that has useful information to let you know what’s wrong with your car. You will find that the problems that appear before you can be indicated by different colors, such as green for stability and red for problems. From there, you will start learning how to fix or read the details of your vehicle.

View and adjust the dashboard with this app

When you use Obd Mary, you have access to many dashboards, each with a specific set of parameters. Also, the application guides the user through some of the adjustment features of these tables. Things like size, color, position, text, and many other aspects can be adjusted. As a result, you will be able to easily observe these watches more easily and quickly.

Easy adjustment of the trip computer

In addition to the in-car issues, the user has full access to the trip computer that stores their driving information. You can know the trip time, average/maximum speed, fuel consumption, and many other parameters. Also, if these are the parameters you often encounter when checking the car, then the car will still work steadily. If not, then you should have your car thoroughly checked and repaired.

View information as a chart

Users can find different ways to display information in Obd Mary to capture it more easily. Information can be listed in its entirety or displayed in different charts. So with the charts, users can outline a specific parameter, and users can also get the information quickly. So for sure, the user will not be able to ignore the features of the application.

Use an application without ads

If you have a problem with ads and limited features, you might want to consider buying the full version of the application. You will use all the features that will make diagnosing your vehicle easier. Also, you won’t encounter any annoying ads, so you will be able to use the app’s features with complete peace of mind and without being temporarily disturbed.

Users cannot ignore the information that the app brings about their cars.

Users will be able to use the app to get information about many aspects of the vehicle and detect its problems.
Connecting the application to the vehicle needs to be done with a suitable adapter and will only take a few minutes to complete.
The user can understand the severity of the problem by displaying the color and easily adjusting the measurements.
Your trips can be recorded and, of course, they will help to help you develop a fuel-saving program.
In the full version, users can use all the functions of the application and will not be annoyed by the disappearance of the ads.

Added Ukrainian localization
Improved DTC reading
Fixed some bugs
Obd Mary app apk download v1.198 (Unlocked)
Download Obd Mary app apk download v1.198 (Unlocked) 

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