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nTrack Studio Pro MOD APP APK V9.7.99 For Android

nTrack Studio Pro MOD APP APK V9.7.99 For Android
  • Updated
  • Version 9.7.99
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer n-Track
  • Genre Paid
  • Google Play
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nTrack Studio Pro MOD APP APK V9.7.99 For Android

n-Track Studio (multi-track recording software) Mobile Chinese Free Edition is a full-featured professional portable music production application that can record an almost unlimited number of audio, MIDI, and drum tracks and mix and add effects such as guitars, amps, VocalTune, and reverb during playback, professional sound and audio processing, one-touch split-track export, and provide the most powerful editing and editing capabilities, the program is easy to use, suitable for small recording studios and music lovers.

Introduction of n-Track Studio.

n-Track Studio(N Track Studio) is an audio editing software designed for music audio editing, this software can help users to get more accurate and perfect audio effectively, this software not only can do music production but also can be used by musicians to edit their beats and backgrounds Come and try it!

n-Track Studio features.

I. Recording and mixing

1. Record and play an almost unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks

2. VST, VST3, DirectX (Windows), AU (MAC), and ReWire effects can be added to each channel/track

3. Volume, sound, image, auxiliary send gain, and effect parameters can be automated: you can “program” fade-in/out, cross-fade in and out, raise the volume of the track when there is a solo, etc.

4. Real-time input processing, allowing plug-in live signal processing. “Dry” (unprocessed) signal recording, after processing and reprocessing of the record – i.e. playing the guitar through a distortion plug-in, then changing the distortion after recording

Second, the sound card and audio interface

1, supports 16-bit and 24-bit mono and multichannel sound cards with sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz

2. Compatible with ASIO, WaveRT, WDM, DirectSound, and MME audio drivers, which means that almost all sound cards today can be used at the lowest possible latency

3, Multi-channel sound card or more than one sound card is supported, you can record multiple tracks at a time and output to multiple stereo outputs. Each output channel has its master channel effect and volume control

Third, the effect of a service

1, built-in effects including compression, parametric graphic equalizer, reverb, echo, auto volume, tone switching, chorus, multi-band compression, spectrum analyzer

2, including the n-Track drum synthesizer/step sequencer module

3. Supports third-party plug-ins for DirectX, VST 2. x, VST 3 and ReWire

4. Support for VST instruments and DirectX tools for synthesis plug-ins: precise samples can be sent to MIDI tracks in VSTi/DXi software MIDI synthesizers without the need for expensive hardware MIDI synthesizers

5. Support for ReWire technology Propellerhead Software AB: signals from other programs (such as Cause, Ableton Live, Fruityloops, and many others) can be mixed in real-time with their channels

Fourth, the supported formats

1, import and export. wav, mp3, wma, mid, ogg, flac, aiff, cda. sng, sgw audio files

2、Import and export EDL multi-track song files to exchange songs with other multi-track programs

3、Sync to other programs or external devices using SMPTE/MTC or MIDI clock synchronization, either as master or slave

4. Support surround sound mixing for creating DVD audio projects using 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 channel surround sound formats

5. Can play the video (AVI, MPEG) in a dedicated video playback window with the song in sync

6. After recording an entire song, you can then shrink all the tracks into a single WAV file and use it to record audio CD tracks using a CD burner or distribute the song over the Internet using the built-in MP3 encoder

n-Track Studio advantages.

1. Piano roll-up window

Write and edit MIDI data controlling virtual instruments using the intuitive built-in piano roll editor.

2. VocalTune

With VocalTune, you can do anything from simple pitch correction to complete conversion of your sound.

3、Silver Screen Drumkit

The new Screen Drumkit controller allows you to play drums with look sounds that feel like a real kit.

4、Bass Guitar

Ever feel like your bass record needs an extra drive, a low bottom, or the fortitude to sit back on your mix and surprise your listeners?

5、Surround Sound Mixing

Support surround sound mixing for creating DVD audio projects using 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 channel surround sound formats.

6. Add-ons Manager

The Add-ons Manager allows you to download additional content. Enrich your sound palette by downloading free or premium sounds and instruments.


Support ReWire technology Propellerhead Software AB: signals from other programs (such as Cause, Ableton Live, Fruityloops, and many others) can be mixed in real-time with your channels

8. Instrument Viewer

Navigate built-in or third-party virtual.

An instrument browser is an easy tool with software. It makes adding virtual instruments a breeze, without interrupting creativity.

9、Detect transients and adjust your rhythm or rhythmic performance for perfect timing.


A convenient internal volume tuner allows you to adjust your instrument weakness with a mike degree without commercial open elephant items.

11、Songtree Integration

n-Track Studio Suite brings music collaboration to your DAW environment. The new integrated Songtree application allows you to make music with others online, have other musicians join your project, or contribute to a song that someone else has started.

12. Step Sequencer

Create beats, sequences, or arpeggios with ease with the new step sequencer. Use the factory mode to start a song with a click, or have fun creating your own.

13. Beat Doctor

Detect transients and adjust the beat or rhythmic playing to get the perfect timing.

14. 2D and 3D sonograms

Use 2d and 3d sonograms to view detailed information about the sound. You can zoom, rotate and equalize the sound in the process.

n-Track Studio Highlights.

1. Songtree integration

Bringing musical collaboration to the DAW environment, the new integrated Songtree application lets you make music with others online, let another musician into your project, or contribute to a song started by someone else.

2. Step Sequencer

Easily create beats, sequences, or arpeggios with the new Step Sequencer, use Factory Mode to start a song with one click, or create your own for fun.

3. Audio widget widget

Audio widgets now feature fading and volume widgets for quick and precise editing.

4. Streamlined recording flow

Capture your best performance with the new multi-tap shooting mode, control parameter automation in separate lanes for each track, or get experimental with internal recording routing.

5、Real-time detection

Detect transients and adjust the tempo or rhythm performance to perfect timing.

6、Improved audio engine performance

Now faster and more stable, with less load on your system CPU, your projects will now run more smoothly, allowing you to focus on creativity.

7、Custom envelope shapes

You can now freely draw envelopes and view them in multiple lanes.

n-Track Studio Description.

1、Save or share recorded content directly from your device

2、Record tracks using the built-in microphone or external audio interface

3, Slot, create melodies with our step sequencing beat maker

4、Use the mixer to adjust the level, smooth, equalize and add effects

5、Add and edit tracks with our loop browser and copyright-free sample packs

6、Create melodies using the internal keyboard you can also connect an external keyboard to use our built-in virtual instruments.

Improved tool-less editing in PianoRoll:
• single tap to add a note
• double tap to delete it
• long press to select a group of notes
New LUFS and True Peak level metering modes
New standalone Meter plugin
Long press and select "MIDI learn" to control buttons and effects parameters using a MIDI controller

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If you have found a problem with the app please use the Report Problem command in the Settings box.
nTrack Studio Pro MOD APP APK V9.7.99 For Android
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