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Node Video Editor Mod APK App Download V5.6.0

Node Video Editor Mod APK App Download V5.6.0
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Node Video Editor Mod APK App Download V5.6.0

nodevideo Pro is a very professional and useful mobile video editing software, this version has a lot of complete features, where you can use various functions according to your needs, through the software, you can pick your favorite videos online for editing, amazing Hollywood blockbuster cool effects, magic powers, flames, and bombs can make you a super hero in the video! You can use different filters to beautify the video in different scenes, and then make a most trendy video clip, the main thing is easy to operate, and some of the features provided are the most practical and latest and hottest, so if you are interested in movies, videos, and short videos, download NodeVideo Pro and use it quickly, don’t miss it!

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Introduction of nodevideo professional version latest version

Node Video is an extremely professional video editing type of software, the following by the editor to introduce you to this software, Node Video is also recently in the shake above the very hot video editing software, Node Video powerful features make it completely comparable to the computer and other devices above the editing effect, rich features allow you to use this software when it is like in the This is the best software for video editing on your cell phone, I believe that after reading the introduction you must be very interested in this software! Then do not hurry to download and experience it!

Software content

1、Video editor, music, cutting, making magic movie/slideshow

2、Amazing Hollywood blockbuster effects: flames, magic energy and bombs make you a superhero in the video.

3、Easy to make impressive videos and become a video master in WeChat friends circle, Weibo, ShakeYin and Racer.

4、Professional video editor-advanced video editing tools.

5、Video production / beauty camera / photo editor for your best tools.

6、Video editor/photo editor/beauty camera-rich library of materials.

7、Use different filters in different scenes to beautify the video and make the most trendy video clips.

8、Provide thousands of copyrighted music, you can also add local songs. Extensive online catalog and local music keep your videos up-to-date with the trends.

Introduction of using tutorial

1、After starting NodeVideo, click the red “+” sign to create a layer and import the material. In addition to video, images and other media, you can also add shapes, fills and other layers.

2, according to their preferences to add a variety of properties.

3, continue to add a video clip, and then click the root node, at this point we can edit the timeline.

4, click the bottom left corner of the “export” icon to enter the export interface. Click the “triangle” icon to start exporting, and wait for it to finish.

Features at a glance

Video clip

Feel free to adjust the feeding time.

Video conversion speed

Fast, slow, easy to get ceremony.

Video splicing

Many articles are divided into complete videos.

Video Rewind

NodeVideo Pro supports single-click rewind and small stunt video production.

Main features

Video Rotation

Adjust video orientation, support rotate up and down.

Buffering Tools

It is simple and practical, and provides various optional tools.

Video Capture

Any size block in NodeVideo Pro, remove unnecessary screen area.

Unique features

1、Adding emotional music and videos with stylish filters.

2、You can capture video and music, ideal for video production of different scales.

3, trim unnecessary parts of video clips, zoom in focus, adjust the original volume.

4、Create your own stories with different effects and font colors in the title list.

Latest advantages

“Video Splicing” splice multiple clips into one complete video.

“Video Rewind” One-click rewind, special effects small video production.

“Video Cut” Adjust the time of the clip at will, and quickly cut the end of the clip.

“Video speed change” fast and slow speed change, easy to get the ritual speed change video.

“Video Crop” NodeVideo for Android can crop at any ratio to remove unwanted areas of the screen.

NodeVideo Pro Description

You can shoot videos that perfectly fit the music provided by MUVIC.

Make videos with different proportions.

Trim unnecessary parts of video clips, enlarge the parts to be emphasized and adjust the volume of the original audio to blend it naturally into the music video.

Add various moods to your music videos with NodeVideo for Android’s stylish filters.

Create your own stories with the different effects and font colors available in the title menu.

“Video Rotation” adjusts the video orientation and supports 90-degree rotation up, down, left and right flip.

“Keying Tools” is an easy-to-use keying tool that requires only a few simple operations and offers a wide range of tools to choose from.

Optical Flow 8.0!
Better slowmo than Ever!
Check out the [Layer Menu -> Time Interpolation - Optical Flow 8.0] to learn more!
Node Video Editor Mod APK App Download V5.6.0
Download Node Video Editor Mod APK App Download V5.6.0 

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