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Ninja’s Creed Mod App Download APK 4.4.0

Ninja’s Creed Mod App Download APK 4.4.0
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Ninja’s Creed Mod App Download APK 4.4.0

Ninjas Creed is a ninja theme of the game, in this game players will take on the role of ninja to complete difficult tasks, the game uses the first-person perspective, players can enjoy a fairly exciting action feeling!

Game Description

Ninjas Creed is a free and fun 3D realistic sniper assassination game with various types of assassination weapons. You will feel a really powerful shooting experience and great graphics. You need to hide your identity, secretly eliminate criminal gangs, disrupt underground deals or assassinate the top leaders of criminal forces and become the ruler of each region! This is the #1 shooter in 2020 that incorporates elements of Ninja Assassin. Target and end evil with arrows and become the invisible protector of the city!

Game Features

-Free epic shooter with ninja assassin elements! You don’t have to pay to play!

-Top-notch game graphics, beautiful 3D characters and beautiful maps with stunning slow-motion shooting.

-Excellent game design and level design, experience the career of a real ninja assassin.

-First-person view, smooth action animations for a non-stop action experience.

Game Highlights

-Can build your arsenal with a variety of powerful weapons such as bows and arrows, double cross, hidden weapons and more.

-Rich gameplay and modes such as main story, hunting list, daily missions, rulers, armed conflicts, bounty hunters, etc. You will not stop playing.

-Use Eagle Eye will help you to target your targets in missions.

-Unleash talents to enhance skills and increase assassination intensity.


-Track down targets, disrupt underground deals and complete assassination missions

-Lock on targets with Eagle Eye

-Help the organization eliminate enemies and earn bounties

-Eliminate criminal leaders and put an end to evil in the city

-Rule the area, protect the citizens and get your fair share of taxes

-Receive rewards and buy powerful weapons

-Unlock talent system and improve skills

Game description

This game modifies the amount of gold coins, so you can buy unlimited!

Game Review

Ninjas Creed is an action game with ninja as the theme, players will control the ninja in the game to fight in the first person way to fight, to play in the way to break through the game, feel the fun brought to you by the ninja, in the game to become a ninja to constantly assassinate, like this game, come to download!

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Ninja’s Creed Mod App Download APK 4.4.0
Download Ninja’s Creed Mod App Download APK 4.4.0 

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