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NEWhatsApp MOD APK Download v7.2 Unlimited

NEWhatsApp MOD APK Download v7.2 Unlimited
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NEWhatsApp MOD APK Download v7.2 Unlimited

This is another amazing module of WhatsApp, which is NEWhatsApp. The modified WhatsApp has everything a perfect chat application might need. Because of its strict policy, you can do many unique things that cannot be done on official WhatsApp. To learn more about this application, you need to read the full article.


By reading this article, you will be able to understand what NEWhatsApp is and its functions. In addition, you can download the latest version of the application from here through an easy-to-use download guide.

What is NEWhatsApp ?

NEWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, one of the most famous and commonly used chat applications. This application has many different features and functions that everyone loves. There is a function to hide the signs of receiving and reading messages. You can set it by setting.

You can also click the recording mark only once to record. Advanced recording function. You don’t need to repeatedly press each recording in NEWhatsApp to listen to the recording.

Hide appearances in WhatsApp: NEWhatsApp is a new version, which has very good privacy and message-receiving ability. The sender does not know that you have received them, and can also hide them online when you use the application. This provides good comfort because no one knows whether it is active or whether it is using the application.

You can control the flags of receiving messages and their reading. In this version, you can delete the two flags of reading messages and receiving messages in the old version. Many users are distressed because their friends know them when they are online, but with this version of  NEWhatsApp, you can even hide the last content you saw during use.

Hide View Status: Have you ever thought of paying attention to other people’s activities without being noticed? How about watching friends’ stories without their knowing? With NEWhatsApp, you can do this! Although this sounds a bit scary, we understand that sometimes you want to see someone’s story go unnoticed, and considering this concern, you can hide your viewing status.

Stop saving photos and videos to the phone’s memory: The Burgundy WhatsApp application will automatically save the photos and videos you sent through the application to your smartphone, but if you are unable to accommodate all the content, this may take up a lot of space for the media sent to you, then go to settings and chat and close the camera film saved to the Android phone, which is sometimes called media vision.

Redesigned storage usage part: A function on NEWhatsApp is very suitable for keeping labels from time to time. It is the storage usage part, which lets you know how much storage you have used. The recently redesigned storage usage part has been monitored. New UI improvements provide more visual hints, making the task of managing storage easier than before.

Hide viewing status: Now you can see the status of all friends without showing their copy friends’ WhatsApp status. Because this option has been merged into this version, you can now copy the written status. If it is video or audio, you can download clips through the WhatsApp Omar application without a helper application.

Write Long Status: To write longer statuses, this function enables you to write WhatsApp statuses with more than 255 characters, instead of 130 characters that only appear in the WhatsApp status release. Therefore, you can write as you like, regardless of the application restrictions, or add any number of emoticons as needed.

Download status: This application supports the function of downloading cases and adjusting their settings. Because in the WhatsApp application, users cannot download cases that contain video clips longer than 30 seconds. If the video exceeds this period, users cannot add a story until after it. So NEWhatsApp APK solves this problem through two solutions.

Hide writing and recording function: This function allows you to hide the words “Writing” or “Recording” appearing on the screen when writing or recording so that your SMS sender does not know when you are writing, when to stop or when to stop recording audio files. This version allows you to delete messages after sending them to friends. Whether in personal chat or group chat, you can also return deleted messages after a long time.

WhatsApp GIF: From emoticons and camera functions to status and animation GIFs, we have been seeking to add new features to make it easy and fun to connect with friends and family on NEWhatsApp. To break it down, publishing written status can help you share your feelings in a way that you can’t always express in words. Let’s start with the package created by our designers on WhatsApp and the selected stickers of other artists.

How do I download and install NEWhatsApp on Android?

First, open your browser and open NEWhatsApp. Now go to the download page and click Download. Download the APK file of NEWhatsApp. Go to Android Settings, and then go to Security Settings. Click “Install the application from a known source”. Open the application from File Manager for installation. When the installation is complete, open the NEWhatsApp application and start using it.


This is all about NEWhatsApp and its functions. You must have seen this application and the process of downloading it to your phone by now. The only thing is to download and install the NEWhatsApp mod on your device so that you can use it.

• You can now create and share a link for your WhatsApp call from the Calls tab • Now only admins will be notified when you leave a group • Group admins can now delete others’ messages for everyone. All participants can see who deleted it. • See link previews for links shared via Status. • You can now easily react to a Status post using Status Reactions.
NEWhatsApp MOD APK Download v7.2 Unlimited
Download NEWhatsApp MOD APK Download v7.2 Unlimited 

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