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NetShare app apk download v1.99 (Premium Unlocked)

NetShare app apk download v1.99 (Premium Unlocked)
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NetShare app apk download v1.99

NetShare is an application that helps you share your connection easily, similar to the wifi router you often use. You will decide on the name, password, provide the right connection with the friends you feel close to and perform the connection steps correctly.


The app is compatible with Android 12

An interesting point you will find in the new version of NetShare is that the application has support for Android 12. It can be said that compatibility with the new operating system is crucial to avoid errors when using the application. At the same time, this is an application that needs to stay connected for a specific period of time, so it is necessary to optimize the application. In fact, this update will be useful for many people.

Create your hotspots in an easy way

When you experience NetShare, you will undoubtedly create a wifi connection similar to that of a connected modem to extend the link and share mobile data. Also, you can completely restrict who can connect to your WIFI, and you don’t have to worry about having to change the password for your mobile data station. You also need to adhere to some factors related to the connection to make the connection stable and not known to others.

Easily determine the information of your wifi hotspot

If you are a mobile data streamer or tethered to your friends, it is a good idea to create a connection through the app itself. Specifically, you just need to choose a name or password to easily share information about the link. This process will only take you a few minutes and you only need to enable WPS to complete the creation of the hotspot. Meanwhile, things don’t stop there when you provide a way to connect with your friends.

Easily create connections between Android apps

After you’ve created a wifi hotspot using NetShare, you’ll find some instructions below; the connection method corresponds to each device type connected to you. Also, if your friends use the Android app, they will need to install the app to use it as well, as it will be more convenient and suitable for many audiences. They will access the app, click the Connect button, and grant the necessary permissions. The connection is established; the data map starts running.

Change the address and proxy to establish the connection

If your friend is using another device to connect to your device, the process will be more complicated. Specifically, they will need to change addresses and proxies to easily connect to the application. You will secretly provide these parameters to your friend, and after they adjust them, they will continue to use the connection normally. This ultimately helps you to prevent many other connection objects in a completely secret way.

Use the right application for the supported operating system

When you install the application, you need to take care of one factor: the configuration element. The application needs to have an Android operating system of 6.0 or higher, so you need to check the device configuration before using it. The app’s functionality will only work well if you comply with its requirements.

Creating a wifi router with your device has many benefits.

You can easily create a wifi-like connection to link and match many different devices.
Each time a connection is made, you will receive connection instructions that you need to follow.
Two Android devices can quickly establish a connection when both have the app installed.
Connecting between different devices requires more manipulation when the connector needs to change addresses and proxies accordingly.
In the new version of the application you will find specific compatibility with Android 12, the latest operating system now available.

Support Android 12
Added authentication using PINs code.
Retrieved devices list for Android 10+.
Added method to fix Proxy address for Android 11.
Fixed previous issues.
NetShare app apk download v1.99 (Premium Unlocked)
Download NetShare app apk download v1.99 (Premium Unlocked) 

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