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NetGuard no-root firewall mod apk v2.303

NetGuard no-root firewall mod apk v2.303
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NetGuard no-root firewall mod apk download v2.303

NetGuard is a very professional network authority management tool. The software is highly praised by Android users all over the world. Through its efficient network management function, users can freely control the networking authority of any APP in their mobile phones, including WiFi and traffic data, to protect users’ privacy and mobile phone power, and not be bothered by rogue applications’ random networking to steal traffic.

In addition, NetGuard supports IPv4, IPv6, tcp, udp network protocols, and Android 5.1+systems. It does not consume additional power and does not steal user privacy. It can also be used to count the traffic consumed by each software every day. At the same time, the Chinese version of the Network Guard has five theme skins of different colors, making you feel more comfortable using it.

NetGuard features:

  • 1. Easy to use
  • 2. No root required
  • 3. 100% open source
  • 4. No additional power consumption
  • 5. No tracking or analysis
  • 6. No advertising
  • 7. Actively develop and support
  • 8. Support Android 5.1 and higher
  • 9. Support IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP
  • 10. Supporting Tethering
  • 11. Support multiple device users
  • 12. When the screen is turned on, you can choose to allow
  • 13. Block when roaming
  • 14. Optionally block system apps
  • 15. (Optional) Notify when the application accesses the Internet
  • 16. (Optional) Record each application of each address
  • 17. Material design theme, light and dark theme

NetGuard function:

1. View traffic log

It is allowed to display and export 1 detailed outgoing IP traffic log for all applications, so that you can view the operation being performed by the device at any time

2. Filter network traffic

Allow to selectively block the network traffic of each address of each application, so that you can prevent the application from calling from the caller, while retaining the Internet access rights; Enable/disable filtering mode with the setting tile (the setting tile can be obtained from Android 7 Nougat)

3. New application notifications

Enable new application notifications, where you can directly block or allow applications

4. Network Speed Chart Notification

Allow the current network speed to be displayed graphically in the status bar notification (the first three applications are displayed in Android 5 Lollipop or earlier)

5. Appearance (theme, color)

Allows selection from five additional application themes, all available in light and dark colors

6. Support development

Support continuous development, such as adding new features, improving existing features, fixing errors, and adapting NetGuard to the new Android version

NetGuard tutorial:

1. Use the switch in the operation bar to enable the firewall;

2. Use the icon on the right of the application list to allow/deny Wi Fi/mobile Internet access;

You can use the settings menu to change from blacklist mode (all settings are allowed, but unwanted applications in the list are blocked) to whitelist mode (all settings are blocked, but favorite applications in the list are allowed).

3. Red/orange/yellow/amber=Internet access denied;

4. Turquoise/blue/purple/grey=Internet access allowed!

* Small fixes
NetGuard no-root firewall mod apk v2.303
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