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Nebulous IO Apk Download Latest Version V6.0.4.2

Nebulous IO Apk Download Latest Version V6.0.4.2
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Nebulous IO Apk Download Latest Version V6.0.4.2

Planet devouring war iPad version of an in-class casual competitive game, the game style gameplay and “ball big battle” are similar, dark space background, with colorful balls, here also follow the law of the weak and the strong, try to eat smaller balls than you, make yourself fat and big, and at the same time pay attention to avoid the bigger balls than you, the game process will be used to split, spitball, acceleration, and other skills can help you quickly become a planet giant. The game mode is also rich, there are single-player battles, team battles, capture-the-flag battles, survival battles, and so on, which not only test the use of strategic skills but also test the tacit cooperation between players, there are hundreds of personality interesting skin waiting for you to unlock experience!

Game Features

-Find groups, play with friends, and join alliances!
-Over 450 skins to unlock in unique ways! More skins will be added soon!
-Online multiplayer (up to 27 players per game)
-Offline single player
-Single player versus, single player versus (with time limit), classic single player versus, team battle, team battle (with time limit), capture the flag, survival battle, soccer mode and domination battle!
-New chaos mode!
-Experience points, achievements and statistics!
-League system with league battles!
-If you’re competitive, try out the Tournament!
-Space or gridline theme
-Multiple control modes
-Server leaderboards

How to operate

-Touch the control stick to move
-Split button – Split your planet in the direction you are moving
-Jet button – shoot your mass in the direction you are moving. Hint: Use this button to move the black hole!
-Shoot mass to move the black hole
-After some time your planet will reorganize
-If your planet is small, use the black hole to avoid larger players
-If your planet is large, it will cause the black hole to explode and shrink your planet
-If you are being chased, you can split your planet to speed it up

Star Swallowing Battle gameplay tips and tricks
Planet Devourer is a casual competitive game, competitive games are about skills, here are game tips to help you easily eat your opponent to become the biggest ball!

Game tips

1. Enter the game: select the server under the interface, where you choose in that area. Game mode, divided into FFA, team, survival, soccer game, domination and other modes. The yellow mayhem mode is the enhanced version, choose after the game scene will add rotating obstacles and props, etc., more exciting. And then below the choice of single-player games or multiplayer games, the left 1P is a single person, playing the computer, the middle three heads are multiplayer networking, and real people against each other!
2. Start the game: after the start, we began to eat the ball, can eat only the ball than their own small, pre-eating balls grow slowly, more is to eat nebulae to fast growth, see the bright nebulae should be like a mad dog rushed to grab!
3. split skills: score more than 20 later, we can use the skills, the first skill is split, split half of the score to create another ball ball. This skill is usually used to eat the opponent, will also be used to escape, but also can use the body to eat bright nebula.
4. Projection skill: After scoring more than 20, we can use the skill, the second skill is projection, divide the percentage score, and project out, the projected ball can be picked up, this skill can push the nebula, but also can be used to adjust the size of teammates, as well as their other balls.
5. Predation: After the size of the ball becomes larger, the movement speed will slow down, in order to eat the opposite, we must force it into a dead end, or use the bilocation skills to eat each other directly. Note: the bilocation is only half the size, to calculate the score of both sides to ensure that the bilocation is larger than the other side, do not bilocation to send death.
6. Attack the big ball: when the score of the ball (volume) more than a certain limit, you can not eat the nebula, and encounter the nebula will split, and lose some points. When dealing with the big guy is to use the projection skills to make the nebula and his collision, so that a very large opponent split into very small balls, and then eat him!
7. When multiplayer battle: try not to use the splitting skills, when others are playing very happy, approach the smaller balls from the side, as long as you eat a ball, you can immediately become larger, and even become the largest ball of the territory, as long as others do not react, you can quickly swallow the other balls!

Update Log

Version v6.0.2.0
Big update!
– Pets!
– Hats!
– Over 50 new skins!
– Custom pet uploads
– New game modes
– Daily free skins for you to try
– 16x splits for the upcoming MAYHEM mode!
– Visual improvements
– Crashes and bug fixes

Nebulous 6.0.3
- 3 New Skins!
- Clan background color
- Custom direction/pointer arrows for your blob
- New tag: Tycoon
- Temporary boost persists through disconnection
- Circle mode and campaign difficulty adjustments
- UI Improvements
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
Nebulous IO Apk Download Latest Version V6.0.4.2
Download Nebulous IO Apk Download Latest Version V6.0.4.2 

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