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MZWhatsapp APK Free Download V9.46

MZWhatsapp APK Free Download V9.46
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MZWhatsapp APK Download Free V9.46

MZWhatsapp APK is a wonderful modified application converted from the official WhatsApp. It has many new features that can provide users with an excellent virtual communication experience. Every day, users can contact and communicate with millions of people through the application.

They look for unique features and functions. If people find different elements in any application, they must seize them without hesitation. Here, you can rest assured that the latest MZWhatsapp application brings some useful, attractive, and unique functions, which are not available in the official WA.

Surprisingly, the MZWhatsapp application improves the communication experience. Now, with this application, you can communicate with millions of people around the world by exchanging text messages and making audio and video calls.

In addition, you have the opportunity to create a group and invite others to join. Through video group chat, you can go out to play with your friends and share your happiness, sadness, and feelings. Here, you will get a borderless world. Nobody’s movements or meetings are required.

The main features of MZWhatsapp:

Use 2 accounts: You can use official and unofficial accounts at the same time without solving any problems that lead to two purposes. With 2 applications, you can isolate your communication channels. Therefore, there is no choice of confusion.

Huge new themes: more than 3000 unique news themes. You can select from the list to change the appearance or appearance of the application.

Customize and create different stickers: The MZWhatsapp application has a built-in tool that helps personalize stickers and react during a chat.

Don’t show forwarding tags: If you forward any files to others, it won’t show any forwarding tags. As a result, the receiver cannot understand whether to forward the message or send it normally.

Allow more characters to write status: Generally, WhatsApp only allows 139 characters of status to post, which is a little short. However, the MZWhatsapp MOD application allows 250 characters, which helps refine the feel.

Use more elements flexibly to customize your application: You can find more background colors, wallpapers, and colors to change the appearance of your home screen and chat screen.

Password-protected chat: You can use a PIN, pattern, and password to protect your privacy or private messages.

Anti-prohibition: Generally, different applications will be prohibited. This application will never be banned because it has an anti-ban function to protect it. Therefore, you will not lose valuable data and information.

Anti-deletion message: The receiver or sender intentionally or unintentionally deletes the message. Don’t worry. This app has enabled the function of anti-deleting messages, which can help you view deleted messages.

Hide connection status: You do not need to delete your account to avoid unnecessary situations. From unnecessary calls and messages.

Freeze Last Connection: You are online, but if you freeze your online status, no one can track you. No matter what you see online, no one feels it.

More immediate response elements: hundreds of new and attractive emoticons, emoticons, stickers, smiles, GIFs, etc. Therefore, in the process of chatting with friends, you can express your different feelings by clicking the instant response element.

Screen lock: By using a password to lock the screen, you can protect MZWhatsapp from unnecessary access. Therefore, you can keep your account confidential.

Font size: change your text font size, namely small, medium and large.

Share large files: You can send and share large documents, pictures, and videos. However, the original WhatsApp allows small files to be shared. Therefore, with this feature in mind, you can rely on the MZWhatsapp application.

Enlarge and reduce the profile picture: Generally, the profile picture will remain in a small circle. So, you didn’t see it clearly to identify this person. You can zoom the picture to identify this person.

Block notifications, messages, and calls: Sometimes different companies and brands promote their products. They make calls, and send messages and notifications. In this case, you can permanently block them.

Call all numbers: Users can call numbers that are not in the contact list.

This application allows you to write 250 characters. Therefore, you can write your status in more detail.

Automatic reply: set different default questions and answers. When you are not online. It supports giving some default answers to questions. This helps maintain communication.

Create message sending plan: You can create a different scheduled time, date, and date in advance to send messages. Therefore, never miss any important messages to be sent.

How to create a group on MZWhatsapp:

  • Go to the main screen of the MZWhatsapp APK application and click 3 points.
  • Now you will find several options, and at the top, you will see the “New Group” option. Click it.
  • Now, pop up your contacts to add some from the list.
  • Click the green arrow below.
  • Type a topic or name for the group.
  • Then, click the green tick.
  • Finally, create the group.

Finally, you can click the circle to add an avatar. You can take pictures immediately with the camera or select emoticons or web search from your device gallery.

Frequently asked questions

What is MZWhatsapp?

It is a modified application customized from the official WhatsApp. You can use it to communicate with people through chat and audio and video calls. It creates a unique position for its outstanding additional functions, which are not available in the original functions.

Is MZ WhatsApp a legitimate application?

Yes, it is a 100% legal Android application. It establishes and maintains all legal procedures. In addition, the application never violates any legal provisions that cause users trouble. Therefore, you can use it without worrying about legal disputes and complexity.


MZWhatsapp APK is a secure and reliable communication module application developed for Android users. You can use it to find millions of people and get to know them. In this way, we can explore people with ideas, hang out with people and get different ideas from people around the world.

MZWhatsapp APK Free Download V9.46
Download MZWhatsapp APK Free Download V9.46 

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