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My tasks app apk download v7.0.3 (Premium Unlocked)

My tasks app apk download v7.0.3 (Premium Unlocked)
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My tasks app apk download v7.0.3

My Tasks will be a great assistant to help you easily organize your work and study schedule. The application is considered a smart electronic notebook with convenient and straightforward planning tools. In addition, the application features reminders, calendar creation, and notes and is a direct control of your daily work. Bring you the most private and relaxing time with this handy and smart tool.

It can help you manage the most difficult schedules, whether you are a teenager or a senior citizen, by combining a schedule, notebook, and reminders. The convenient features covering calendar, diary, schedule, notebook, and task reminder can perfectly help you to arrange your day according to the date, so you won’t forget something important because of various things.

My Tasks

Plan your work responsibilities

My Tasks will be an application for people of all ages, especially those who work and study. Supports you in planning your work, organizing your work properly, recording the most necessary things, and making it easier for you to remember. An application with a simple interface that allows you to plan quickly with just a few taps. You can easily switch between tasks and create a planned to-do list for a more suitable time. Set goals, schedules, and daily tasks; even without an Internet connection, the application notifies you of the schedule you need to perform.

Control your schedule effectively

Create a personal planner with to-do lists in the interface to help you conveniently and effectively watch your schedule throughout the day and work week. Give you the most private and relaxing time without worrying about the corresponding work schedule, because this application helps you do just that. You can also enter data quickly and use your voice instead of text to help you plan your day. Just switch your to-do list and the app will automatically organize and control your schedule efficiently.

Daily notes and reminders

It is considered a smart electronic notebook that helps you quickly jot down your work notes. The calendar is smartly designed; the days will have three different colors: yellow, red, and green, corresponding to your daily work progress in completing tasks. You just need to set the alarm at the right time. It will keep you one step ahead of each event from 5 minutes to 3 days before and send notifications on time. You can easily write down your ideas, thoughts, and plans without consulting time, just use the mobile function and transfer the most reasonable schedule for your work.

Key Features

Assists you in planning and making to-do lists or recurring tasks for the week.
The smart note-taking electronic notebook supports you to copy your to-do list and reminds you of your daily tasks.
Get the best experience by syncing your work with the app to notify you even if you don’t have an internet connection.
Regular updates of the application using the pro version and the many other outstanding features offered to you.
Advanced settings to keep your information safe with an annoying ad blocker.

My tasks for Android features

Schedule repetitive tasks.

Send to-do list

Plan tasks for the day.

Move to-do lists

Make a weekly to-do list

Copy to-do lists

Transfer the current note

My tasks software highlights

Notes in a notebook: common tasks

This section is for people who want to take notes, and write ideas and plans in their notebooks, but don’t have a time or date reference. You can use the “Move” feature to download My Tasks >: Move Notes from the main application section.

Event reminders

Reminders will remind you of work and personal events, making sure you never forget any details in your task list. This schedule will give you a good start. You can set alarms at your convenience (in the application). The time varies from 5 minutes to 3 days. You can set the alarm clock (in the app) at any time within 5 minutes. And 3 days before the event, you will be notified on the spot for the rest.

Badge with reminder

The app has a badge with a number at the top of the icon. This will show you the number of tasks left for the day. This badge will inform you of your productivity and let you know if you have enough time to complete all your tasks. No need to go to the app every day to check for unfinished tasks.

Smart Calendar

You will see a different number for each date in the calendar. You can choose from three colors to represent the graphs: red, green, and yellow. These numbers show how many tasks are planned for that date. The colors indicate the progress of these tasks.

My tasks software installation tutorial

Download the apk installation package of my tasks app, run it and install it. my tasks are a highly recommended tool!


In this update:

- Fixed some bugs
My tasks app apk download v7.0.3 (Premium Unlocked)
Download My tasks app apk download v7.0.3 (Premium Unlocked) 

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