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My Perfect Hotel Mod Apk App Download V1.51

My Perfect Hotel Mod Apk App Download V1.51
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My Perfect Hotel Mod Apk App Download V1.51

My Perfect Hotel is a hotel management simulation game, in which players will start with the basic work of hotel reception, cleaning, etc., attract customers with the best service, provide the best service for every visiting guest, continuously improve the hotel equipment, build your own hotel kingdom, so that you can become a real hotel giant.

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My Perfect Hotel Game Review

Cartoon animation game style

Run your own hotel

Try to recruit guests by all means

Become a hotel mogul in the industry

My Perfect Hotel Game Description

Have you ever played a game where you run a hotel by yourself? Today we recommend the action simulation game “My Perfect Hotel” (My Perfect Hotel) from Saygames. Players in the game as hotel managers, from the most basic reception, cleaning and other work to do, with first-class service to impress customers, to provide quality service for the guests who come to live, and constantly upgrade the hotel facilities, build their own hotel empire, to achieve the real hotel mogul.

My Perfect Hotel is a time management game with a friendly background and fast pace, which will help players to build rooms, receive customers, clean rooms, collect tips and hire staff from scratch. After the revenue has increased, additional revenue can be earned by upgrading rooms, building new restaurants and pools. The hiring and efficiency of staff will also be on the agenda, and players will be promoted from the bottom of the labor force to hotel management, and enjoy this fast-paced business management game through continuous wandering.

My perfect hotel game features

1. Luxuriously designed, upgraded accommodations to enhance your guests’ property experience and a range of different room designs to choose from at each location.

2. In this fascinating simulator, you are not only a manager, but also an interior designer.

3. Find an original and easy to play time management game that offers endless hours of entertainment.

4. Enter directly into the fast-paced world of hospitality and develop your skills as a manager, investor and designer.

5. When you first start out in the early stages, you need to do everything in the hotel yourself, and later you can reduce the pressure by hiring staff.

6. The game as a whole adopts a simple and fresh picture, players interested, you can also better decorate the interior of the store.

7. The business income obtained every day can be used to unlock and expand the size of the hotel and increase the daily customer flow.

8. Human resource management to operate every equipment must also work in the shower room must be equipped with paper towels, customers must be approved to enter the underground parking.

9. The restaurant must serve the customers and clear the tables after dining in the pool.

10. You can guarantee a continuous supply of clean cotton towels and neat sun loungers.

You won’t have time to do it all yourself at home, so hire new staff, or you’ll soon have angry customers waiting in line.

My Perfect Hotel game highlights

1. Human resource operations: Each facility also needs work. Restrooms must be equipped with toilet paper, and guests must be allowed into the parking lot.

2. The restaurant needs to serve the customers. After eating, the tables need to be cleaned. In the pool.

3. You need to make sure there is a constant supply of clean towels and clean sun loungers.

4. You don’t have time to do this yourself, so hire a new employee or there will soon be a line of angry customers waiting.

5. The game also has many hidden stories waiting to be explored at any time, to understand the relationships behind the customers and to find greater business.

6. Players also have to learn how to hire employees in the game, and assign them to the right positions to make the most of it.

7. Quality food and service provided can make the hotel increase its reputation and improve the popularity of their hotel.

8. Luxury design solutions to update hotel accommodations to enhance customer perceptions of your assets and choose from a range of different bedroom designs for each location.

9. Be more than just an executive or a designer in such an engaging mobile simulator!

10. Looking for an innovative and easy-to-use self-management mobile game that gives endless hours of entertainment?

Dive right into the fast-paced world of hotel specialties and build your professional skills as an executive, investor and interior designer.

The Halloween is here! Play the Haunted Hotel and collect all the rewards! We have also made many improvements to the game based on your feedback.
My Perfect Hotel Mod Apk App Download V1.51
Download My Perfect Hotel Mod Apk App Download V1.51 

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