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My OldBoy! Free MOD Apk Download Latest V2.1

My OldBoy! Free MOD Apk Download Latest V2.1
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My OldBoy! Free MOD Apk Download Latest V2.1

myoldboy emulator lastest version is a very fun arcade game emulator, my oldboy Chinese version intelligent recognition as long as you copy your favorite games to the specified directory to start the game with one click, myoldboy emulator latest version without expertise and tedious operation.

Software Description

myoldboy emulator lastest version is a mobile GBC emulator, my oldboy Chinese version is known as the best Android GBC emulator, using myoldboy emulator latest version you can run BG/GBC mini-games on your Android device, very useful.

Software advantages

Excellent game compatibility.

Advanced BIOS emulation, no BIOS file required.

OpenGL background rendering, while rendering properly on devices without GPU.

Software Highlights

Quickly skip boring dialogues and intros

Free version instant archive is unreadable

Good compatibility to run all kinds of GBA games perfectly;

Convenient system settings for a better gaming experience;

High-grade BIOS emulation without any additional file support;

Software Features

1. Well-designed user interface. Plus the latest Android seamless integration.

2. Create and switch to different screen layouts and key mapping profiles.

3、Create shortcuts to easily launch your favorite games from your desktop.

4、Use ARM assembly code for the fastest emulation. Easily handle 60 FPS without frame skipping, even on very low-end devices.

5、Great game compatibility.

6、Save as much of your battery as possible.

7, Link cable emulation either on the same device, or via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices, decent speed operation.

8, Fast forward to skip long stories, as well as slowing down the game to get past levels you can’t use at normal speed.

9, OpenGL rendering backend, as well as in the absence of a GPU device normal rendering. By supporting GLSL shaders, cool video filters.

10, on-screen keyboard (multi-touch requires Android 2.0 or higher), and shortcut buttons such as load/save.

11、A very powerful screen layout editor, use it to define the position and size of controls on each screen, as well as on the game video.

12、External controller support, or through Android’s native way or input method.

13、Hardware sensors and vibration tilt sensors and rumble emulation through Android!

14, Super Game Boy palette emulation. Enhance monochrome games by putting more colors!

15, Mention GameShark / GameGenie secret support.

16, IPS / UPS ROM repair.

Software Fuction

1. Customized key combinations, so that the operation is no longer painful.

2. Read the file at any time archive, a coin pass is no longer difficult.

3. Deep remote sensing optimization, so that the three sunflower Yagami no longer difficult.

4. Built-in gold finger cheat, free to choose the level more explosive.

5. King of Fighters 98, 97, alloy warheads, the three warlords and dozens of games online war.

6. Free support for 10,000 arcade, fc, handheld game simulator, find childhood memories.

Minor UI fixes.
My OldBoy! Free MOD Apk Download Latest V2.1
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