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Muay Thai Workout Mod Apk Download

Muay Thai Workout Mod Apk Download
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Muay Thai Workout Mod Apk Download

Practicing Thai Boxing at home is the perfect way to get rid of body fat, learn self-defense and strengthen muscles. At the same time, it can improve flexibility and have a stronger core muscle group. Thai Boxing is a martial art that originated in Thailand and is considered to be a martial art with practical characteristics. Thai Boxing uses hands and fists like boxing, legs like karate, and rotation and locking like judo and aikido! Therefore, Thai boxing training is part of the combat training camp for experts and professional martial arts athletes.

Amazing features:

✔️ Thai Boxing Plan from Basic to Advanced

✔️ Track training progress

✔️ Track your weight changes

✔️ Customize workout reminders

✔️ Detailed description of 3D video and animation

✔️ Lose weight with a personal trainer

✔️ Increase muscle mass

Thai boxing training is a little bit:

✔️ Effective calorie burning

✔️ Improve self-confidence

✔️ Enhance psychological resilience

✔️ Easy to learn

✔️ Build muscle mass

Make a plan to practice Thai boxing

Thai Boxing is one of the famous martial arts that originated in Thailand. If you are passionate about these martial arts exercises, you can use Muay Thai Fitness to learn more. The application will bring users many specific exercises from basic to advanced. It can not only exercise defense skills but also let you have a healthy body. The first thing you need to do is develop a training plan.

Automatically record progress by clicking

Every time you visit an exercise, the app automatically records your progress. As a result, it will recommend Thai boxing practice that is more suitable for your current body. Every hour of Thai boxing practice will enable you to achieve extremely high efficiency, burning up to 1000 calories.

Track weight according to specific chart

When training according to the practice of this app, it will give you a soft body and self-training. After completing your daily exercise, enter your daily weight for the app to track your weight. Or don’t follow the exercise provided. The app will automatically track your weight according to the specific chart.

Provides menus for effective weight loss and muscle gain

The movements provided by Muay Thai Fitness are all created by professional coaches. Each movement adopts a unique 3D model design, allowing you to easily imitate the practice. If you want to have a healthy body, you should not only exercise, but also have a proper diet. The app also provides a weight loss or gain menu.

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Muay Thai Workout Mod Apk Download
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