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Motionleap by lightricks pro app apk download v1.3.7

Motionleap by lightricks pro app apk download v1.3.7
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Motionleap by lightricks pro app apk download v1.3.7

Motionleap app is a dynamic picture making software that can be operated intuitively. It has rich filters and a lot of unique functions. It can easily make pictures into dynamic wallpapers and short videos in a few seconds.

It can also set where animation effects can be achieved and where animation is not needed. It can attract the viewer’s eyes to any part of the picture that wants to make it live, and it can make the picture move with no effort, If you are interested in it, please download it.

Main functions:

  • 1. Add various dynamic sky backgrounds such as the sky under time-lapse photography
  • 2. Use layers, starlight and other special effects to turn pictures into animation
  • 3. Picture effects editor for all necessary 3D photo adjustments
  • 4. The arrow in the dynamic picture making tool can be used to set the movement direction of the things in the picture. The operation method is simple and intuitive
  • 5. There are a lot of aesthetic filters in the background replacement function

Software highlights:

  • 1. You can easily animate photos, making them lifelike and easy to use.
  • 2. There are many kinds of services provided to better understand the convenience of animation information.
  • 3. In addition, many templates are provided for image splicing, which can bring ultra multiple filters, and it is convenient to set stickers and text.
  • 4. More pleasant understanding of different information, so that users can process animation more easily.
  • 5. It is very convenient to beautify the characters in the photos, bringing you better special effects. You can even customize the background map, making it easier to operate.
  • 6. Processing various dynamic maps online at any time makes the dynamic map editing operation easier.


With many excellent and easy to use tools, this excellent application can provide you with incredible artistic images. Of course, you are the creator of these works of art. Moreover, with its simple and easy-to-use features, Motionleaf will also provide you with more help in advertising and media. Especially for those who are keen on graphic design or photography, this is an application you can not ignore.

Text to Image is now available in Motionleap, and it’s HUGE!
Just describe any scene you can think of to generate a piece of AI artwork in seconds.
From “An alien-ballerina scuba diving in the style of Picasso” to “A painting of a seagull pondering the meaning of life in a photorealistic style”, anything is possible!
Let your creativity run wild, the only limit is your imagination.
Try it for yourself and get your mind blown.
Motionleap by lightricks pro app apk download v1.3.7
Download Motionleap by lightricks pro app apk download v1.3.7 

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