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Mondly learn 33 languages app apk download

Mondly learn 33 languages app apk download
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Mondly learn 33 languages app apk download

The Mondly learn 33 languages app allows learners to choose one of the 33 languages supported by the learning application, and the courses range from elementary to advanced. The content and practice of these courses will be very diverse, so that learners can acquire new language knowledge and apply it to many different skills. At the same time, in the process of using the language, you need to stick to learning to learn effectively.

Mondly learn 33 languages app function:

Getting started with language in a simple way

If you are looking for language courses that you can actively participate in, Mondly is your right choice. The application provides different courses covering many skills, so that you can gradually transition from beginner use to practical communication application. At the same time, with the help of the learning support function of the application, users will certainly have an exciting and useful learning experience.

Acquire new knowledge in an interesting way

When you learn new words or knowledge on the Mondly learn 33 languages app, you will need a piece of paper and a pen. The app will provide you with wonderful lessons. It is not only a dry word to introduce new knowledge, but also sometimes accompanied by images or specific communication context. At the same time, from these specific contexts and examples, learners sometimes produce some impressions, which are helpful to recall knowledge for a period of time, and then continue to review to retain it in the brain.

Learn many different skills

When you learn a foreign language in the Mondly learn 33 languages app, it is worth noting that you can learn many different skills. You will be able to learn pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and how to apply them. At the same time, in some exercises, you need to listen and repeat, while others require you to read the information carefully and come up with correct sentences. Therefore, you will not focus too much on a specific skill, but will develop equally in different skills and language knowledge.

All kinds of exercises you can’t ignore

After acquiring new language knowledge, it is necessary to apply and master it. The most effective solution is to practice what learners can learn. Specifically, learners can use multiple choice exercises to determine the level of vocabulary memory and sentence arrangement exercises that require correct application of new knowledge. Dialogue practice requires you to pronounce correctly and reflect the role in the context.

Access to a wide range of languages

If you are a language lover and want to learn a new language, you can find one of the 33 languages provided by the application. Each language has different characteristics, so you can gradually approach and learn the first lesson. At the same time, you can learn a new language similar to the one you learned before, or start again from a language you abandoned long ago. Therefore, it is a valuable tool for learners to actively learn.

Easy learning conjugate

In addition to practical knowledge, learners can also find verb search and transposition functions. This feature is applicable to languages such as French, so you will have difficulty remembering their variations. You don’t have to look for conjugate methods in other sources, because it’s in the application. Despite this convenience, you should focus on finding ways to remember them and avoid over reliance on them, as this will affect the level of language adoption.

Track your learning progress

It can be said that learning with applications is usually easier to arrange than learning specific courses. Therefore, learners can choose a time that is easy to learn. Of course, this choice will help them stimulate their motivation for learning. They will need to keep learning so that the knowledge they teach can follow each other and help them not forget it. In addition, there will be a tracking system that can help you track your learning.

Mondly learn 33 languages app highlights

1. The most advanced voice recognition. The Mondly learn 33 languages app knows how to listen to your words and phrases. If you speak clearly and correctly, you will only get positive feedback. This will improve your pronunciation.

2. Useful phrases in actual situations. Remember that hundreds of isolated words are not a way to learn a language. The Mondly learn 33 languages app teaches you vocabulary through core words and phrases. The application breaks the short course of learning and incorporates it into the theme packaging.

3. Learn from the dialogue. Dialogue is the main reason for taking this free course. It will help you build a core vocabulary of widely used nouns and verbs.

4. Clear audio and professional voice actors. Learn pronunciation from conversations between native speakers.

5. Verb conjugation. Learn more from this course. Click on the verb and get the complete conjugation, including translation. It is faster and better than a dictionary.

6. The advanced statistics application uses intelligent reporting, so you can follow the progress at any time. Build your vocabulary gradually and become better.

Mondly learn 33 languages app Advantages:

1. y8l users will start learning a new language through various courses with different learning contents or have abandoned it.

2. The transmission of knowledge is very interesting, and it is usually associated with examples and contexts for learners to remember and how to apply them.

3. Language knowledge is applied to communication skills, so you can even develop different skills when learning a new language.

4. For languages with displacement, learners can quickly find and find ways to master them in communication.

5. The continuous learning application course is very effective for you. You can track your learning progress through the corresponding functions.


Learning languages is free of charge every day with the Mondly learn 33 languages app. In just a few minutes, you will begin to remember the core words, make sentences, learn phrases and participate in the dialogue. Interesting language courses can improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation just like other language learning applications. Beginners or advanced learners, travelers or business people, time is short? The application works well and can be adjusted dynamically according to your needs.

Learn on the go - Hands-free!

Mondly, your learning assistant, will be your guide through quick engaging lessons to help unlock your speaking skills.

Give it a go now!
Mondly learn 33 languages app apk download
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