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Mini world 3D game download for android

Mini world 3D game download for android
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Mini world 3D game download for android

Mini World is a free 3D sandbox game, where you can adventure, explore and create your dream world at will. There is no level in the mini world, and there is no IAP to lock some functions of free players. Every player can enjoy all the wonderful functions of the game!

Mini World Play Features:

1. Mini-workshop: you can upload your maps for other players to experience, or download the popular maps carefully made by other players

2. Game mode: survival mode, creation mode, maps created by other players

3. Offline single-player mode and online multiplayer online mode: you can play offline single-player mode or online with friends

4. The vast sandbox world: explore the boundless sandbox world full of unique monsters, cubes, materials, and minerals

5. Powerful game editor: With a powerful game editor, Parkour, Labyrinth, FPS, and strategy map are all easy

6. Localization: Mini World currently supports more than 14 languages: English, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Italian, German, Indonesian, and Chinese.

Mini World game mode:

Survival mode

Collect resources, cast tools, and build shelters. Keep forging and upgrading tools, accumulate your strength, and then you can call friends to challenge the terrible monsters in the dungeon!

Creation mode

At the beginning of the game, you have unlimited resources. By placing and destroying blocks, you can build floating castles, design machines that automatically harvest wheat, and create maps that automatically play music. Here, play with your imagination, there is nothing you can not achieve.

The highlight of Mini World:

1. The new online game props make you feel more comfortable and unique when playing the game;

2. Cute and fresh cartoon pictures can make people indulge in exploring the world and open their adventure mode;

3. With a real and interesting social model, you need to constantly look for partners who can go through with you;

4. It is an extremely exciting random level. Use your brain and creativity to protect your home.

Mini World Game Description:

1. New props unlock more characters and purchase new skin to make your mini characters more handsome.

2. Homemade top sandbox games are worth having, have a simple online mode, easy to play with your partners.

3. The new and unlimited adventure fingertips set sail easily, and the diversified competitive maps stimulate adventure creativity.

4. More map unlocks, explore many different styles of planets, and create various space flight vehicles.

5. Give play to your brain hole, and reasonably use different squares to create different styles of scenes.

Scream Carnival - Happy Halloween!
1. Dress yourself up on Halloween! Go log in!
2. New Halloween skins: Demon Dragon Carper and Ghast Hunter Daemon waiting for you!
3. Personal map archiving supports automatic upload!
4. Tags and room status are added in the online lobby, which is more convenient to play with your friends!
5. MGWT voting period has opened. Go log in and vote for your favorite works!
6. A new draw - Mount Card Drawer is online. Come to explore and guess what you can draw!
Mini world 3D game download for android
Download Mini world 3D game download for android 

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