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MilkChoco Mod Apk Download V4.0

MilkChoco Mod Apk Download V4.0
  • Updated
  • Version 1.30.0
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer GameParadiso
  • Genre Puzzle
  • Google Play
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MilkChoco Mod Apk Download V4.0

MilkChoco is an online FPS 4 to 4 team action shooting mobile game, which is now a very hot multiplayer fps matchmaking game, fancy game play, come and download the game, with clear shooting equipment weapons, while the game also provides several kinds of weapons for you to match, without further ado, HD graphics, players need to use all the resources within the arranged space Find a way to live, like players can download Oh!

Milk Chocolate Introduction

Using a variety of heroes with different abilities, you can play different roles in the battlefield of “raid”, “deathmatch”, “escort” and so on.

Each hero can be presented individually, they also have their own “ranking”, “weapons” and “skills”.

No cash weapons and heroes. By medals and victories you can even get gold bonuses.

Therefore, all players in the game are equal.

Join this clan and try to light up your own clan.

Milk Chocolate Features

1、Many masters to fight against each other, start the most exciting adventure battle at any time.

2、Simple pixel style, enjoy the thrill of hot team competition.

3, many players online competition, to create the most exciting and naive gun battle play.

Milk Chocolate Review

The flash and stealth around the back is simply cool, especially to bully the role of the turn can not be turned.

The money is slow but I think there is no problem, this speed is quite good, slowly play practice skills.

I don’t know if you can add an animation to demonstrate the effect of each gun and the skills of each character, and after a game to give a way to add friends and internal friend mailbox, only know the id search people ah.

And after buying all the heroes is not to see the hero data that rose chart?

PS. I take back the money line. One gun per character is too much of a pain

pss. love the teleportation. The flag grabbing off side jump directly to the opposite side, escorting off on the central partition wall, occupying off after playing support flash themselves to continue to occupy, death fight instantly to the enemy’s back. It is a little high operating accuracy requirements.

Milk chocolate cheats

Incidentally the Battle Royale mode can be experienced with firearms and characters to say what is hard straight? When releasing skills, there is a period of time when you can’t move or attack (that is, beaten state) the specific effect of releasing skills original state – release skills – skill effect launched – effect finished – original state The hard straight state is mostly in ② ④ period What is assault type? Assault heroes are heroes who deal a lot of damage and have a simple goal: to scout, find and destroy #deadlyWhat is a support hero? Support heroes protect and strengthen allies. They can heal or add shields to allies, boost damage or movement speed, and even revive allies to continue the fight. As a Support Hero, you are the key to your team’s survival. #Prevent your teammates from getting killed What is a defensive type? Defensive heroes generally have the ability to control the field, hinder enemy attacks or fortify fortifications. As a defensive hero, your task is to hinder the enemy’s advance # anti-cut or cut CD time I was measured with a stopwatch # error is only ± 0.5s because the game character skill damage CD is not fixed sometimes cut may be different according to the version sometimes damage CD such as errors hope big brother to improve the raid
Users can go to the official website or download the mobile game through the relevant links.

Milk Chocolate Log

You can get default ranking points and gold when you finish the game.

You can get ranking points and gold depending on the contribution of each map.

Fixed a collision bug in the attack map.

Fixed a bug with wrong camera angle.

Fixed the bug that you can’t buy heroes in the store.

Fixed the bug that you can’t sell Medal of Honor.

New costume release

- Modifications and additions of forbidden words
MilkChoco Mod Apk Download V4.0
Download MilkChoco Mod Apk Download V4.0 

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