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Micro RPG Mod Apk Download V1.3.31

Micro RPG  Mod Apk Download V1.3.31
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Micro RPG Mod Apk Download V1.3.31

Micro RPG is a very fun adventure RPG game, the game has many different adventure copy challenge, characteristic top-view visual gameplay, free 2.5D and 3D perspective freely switch, a large number of rich Meng style characters and a variety of weapons and equipment for you to choose to experience, to bring you a very exciting and exciting battle.

Game features

1、Exquisite cartoon style game graphics, give you a beautiful experience;

2, a large number of different professional role heroes, up to more than 100 heroes to choose;

3, rich and diverse competitive play mode, to give you a new exciting battle;

4, the characteristic free perspective switching game, giving you a strong impact on the screen;
micro rpg, Q cute fairy tale theme of placement RPG game! This is a very small and cute RPG game, but concentrated in the traditional role-playing games in the most enlightening core gameplay! You need to control Little Red Riding Hood in the forest to defeat a variety of enemies, a variety of equipment to retain the continuous upgrade, to bring you the most pure fun!

Micro rpg game features

1, Q version of the persona, cute painting style, even each appearing monsters look so cute

2, retain the essence, eliminate the redundant, bring you the purest rpg has the simple fun

3, a variety of equipment, a variety of enemies, so you can enjoy a rich game experience

4、Weapon drops, open treasure chests, and constantly improve your level and strength

Micro rpg basic gameplay

1、Choose the most suitable weapon from the weapons with different attack ranges and attack at the right time.

2、Continue to defeat the endless enemies to avoid them from approaching and hurting you.

3、Progressively increase the level of your character, change to stronger equipment, and face stronger enemies.

4、hit multiple enemies at the same time to increase power and save durability.

Update description

1、No longer need gold to start a new game.

2、Add quest system, complete quests to get gold and cards.

3、Dropped cards and treasure chests will be picked up automatically.

4、Now you need a key to unlock treasure chests.

Editorial Reviews

Micro RPG hand game is a Q version of the painting style of single-player RPG, using a very beautiful Q version of the style, the characters of the player’s heart, retaining the RPG in the traditional, essence, and fun core gameplay. Players need to control the protagonist with superb operation to defeat the enemies that appear one after another, and get a lot of loot including gold, diamonds, treasure chests and new equipment.

- New World 6: Hidden Valley
- New event: Brave Battle
- New weapon: Ancient Axes
- New hero: Jenna
- Rare cards default level is now 5 and epic default is 8. Your non-common have been boosted!
- Performance improvements
- UI update and improvements
Micro RPG  Mod Apk Download V1.3.31
Download Micro RPG Mod Apk Download V1.3.31 
Menu/God Mode, One Hit, Exp, Money
Download - 107M

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