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MiChat MOD APP APK V1.4.180 For Android

MiChat MOD APP APK V1.4.180 For Android
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Michael MOD APP APK V1.4.180 For Android

Michael’s Android app is a very useful tool for solving small problems in life, such as navigation, sending parcels, etc. Michael is a very useful cell phone software, lightning download provides Michatapp Android version free download, but also provides all kinds of mobile applications of the latest version, cracked Chinese version of the download and installation! It is a powerful and exclusive recording software for cell phones, you can use Michael on many important occasions such as meetings and negotiations to record some important conversations, and Michael helps users to carefully analyze and sort out the details used afterward.

Michael is a simple and powerful social software, as social software in the past few years are more flashy, but this software is the latest development for those who want to have a safe and private chat environment, security is very high, and not so many features, are some very practical features, the interface is also very simple, can bring users a very good experience.

Michael is different from other social chat software, chat is very complete and very unique, and the security system is very well done, is direct user-to-user, with strict message encryption, is a practical and special change of software, and the interface is very brief, the function is not so cumbersome, Michael has always taken the route of simplicity.

Michael chat software features

1. The ultimate in secure communication

The sender can send a message by calling the receiver first and sending it while the receiver is guaranteed to be online to avoid wasting time and leaking messages. In the case of deleting contacts, all mutual messages can no longer be read.

2. Third parties cannot read messages

The key to Michael’s messages is stored on the sender’s phone, and both the receiver and the sender must be online at the same time for the messages to be decrypted and read, so if the phone is stolen or peeked at, the messages cannot be displayed, which can avoid the loss of private messages.

3. Rigorous message encryption process

Each message of Michael is encrypted by a randomly generated key, one at a time, and will not be repeated, the key is serialized and cannot be tampered with, and can be actively invalidated at any time to regenerate the key.

4. No monitoring and eavesdropping through the server

Michael’s communication does not need to pass through any third-party server, but is directly user-to-subscriber (Peer-to-Peer), and operates through free pairing (Pairing) and exchange (Exchange) over the Internet.

5. Michael is subject to a lifetime limit

Everything in Michael has an expiration date, including contacts, messages, and keys ……. Once the expiration date expires, everything will fade away and there will be no trace of it.

Michael Communication Features

Michael is a good and reliable software that is not so cumbersome and practical compared to other social chat software.

The advantages of Michael

1, the software is necessary for us to make friends, the platform has many high-value users, the chat mode is very rich, and you can easily expand the social circle.

2、Enjoy a good love, you can always experience quality and wonderful online, easily make friends online, meet more good friends, and meet your lover.

Michael is an app that allows you to show people nearby with one click, quickly connecting you with the opposite sex and helping you find the people you are interested in.

Features of Michael

1、In MiChat, users can send video chat invitations and you can talk to her freely.

2、In MiChat, users can communicate with each other face to face, so that users can make friends more realistically and more efficiently inside.

3, 24 hours, even the heart can communicate with him anytime, anywhere, talk freely, very interesting, close to the dating, website small bookmark, quickly arrange the same city meeting, close to understanding.

Michael’s highlights

1, Michael software uses new features to provide users with a new experience of chatting and making friends, and better avoid some common cold situations.

2、There is no limit to the number of friends you can add each day in Michael, and you can create discussion groups that suit your needs and better manage your groups.

3、You can get various rewards after logging in every day, and as time goes by, your rank will get higher and higher, and the revenue you get will increase.

Bug fixes and improvements
MiChat MOD APP APK V1.4.180 For Android
Download MiChat MOD APP APK V1.4.180 For Android 

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