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Merge Age APP download v2.0.17 (Unlimited Money, Menu)

Merge Age APP download v2.0.17 (Unlimited Money, Menu)
  • Updated
  • Version 2.0.17
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Developer Minego Inc
  • Genre Strategy
  • Google Play
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Merge Age APP Download v2.0.17

You are about to take part in a battle that will be remembered as one of the greatest battles of all time. Make sure you are prepared. Participate in challenges; doing so will help you and your teammates grow as people. As the game progresses, you’ll encounter levels of increasing difficulty compared to the skills you already have.

Stacky Dash

If you hone your fighter’s skills, combine them, develop a solid strategy, and utilize your many talents, you’ll be able to defeat both past and future enemies. While raw strength is important, a well-thought-out strategy will be the key to your long-term success. So before you get into a fight, make sure you have a backup plan and flexible moves that you can use in combat. After deciding on a strategy, you must implement it by spreading your troops across the battlefield in various forms. Afterward, work on healing any remaining cracks.

Application introduction

Age of Merge is a mobile game with classic and interesting gameplay. In this game, players need to place and merge all kinds of soldiers continuously to form their own powerful army. After soldiers merge, new arms will be born, and different soldier units should be placed reasonably, destroy all the enemies, and friends who are interested, and come and download the latest version of Merge Age to experience it!

Game Features

Strategy to win. In tower defense games, you need to try many times to find the best defensive lineup.

Enemies will appear from multiple directions, and you can place soldiers in suitable unknown places without allowing the enemy to successfully invade your territory.

Challenge more enemies and work together to become stronger. Only in this way can you become the strongest fighter.


As the difficulty of the level increases, you will encounter more powerful BOSS, and get ready to fight.

The whole game is to tests your hand speed and your decision-making ability, very interesting.

The gameplay is more classic, basically masterable, and you can flexibly form a team to start a war.

Game highlights

Different but with different fighting abilities, everyone can quickly integrate into it.

There are many choices in the mode, either as an offensive player or as a defensive player, which is very good.

Every battle will be a brand new competition so that all friends can experience the fun of strategic battles.

Game evaluation

You can start battles in different places by synthesizing heroes and warriors, challenge more enemies, and become stronger together.

Only in this way can you become the strongest fighter. Believe in your own strength, I think you can do it, let’s play slowly.

Show your strength, every defense is worth it, and playing a few more games is not a bad thing.

After successfully defeating an enemy, you can use the gold you earn to pay for new soldiers while also looting their belongings. It is possible to do this while robbing their property. Send your warriors to the future and use them to create more warriors by bringing them together with all their previous incarnations in one place. It’s important to remember that the fighters you face in the future will almost certainly be stronger and more agile than you are right now. Your age at the time of the conflict and your ability to enhance your fighters are the two most important factors in determining whether you can outwit your opponent. How well you progress, how quickly you learn new skills and information, and how much information and skills you acquire will all depend on the timing of your actions.


-Achievement System Added, 80+ skills Buff, Levels are balanced, Save system changed
Merge Age APP download v2.0.17 (Unlimited Money, Menu)
Download Merge Age APP download v2.0.17 (Unlimited Money, Menu) 

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