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Mario kart tour games mod apk download v3.1

Mario kart tour games mod apk download v3.1
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Mario kart tour games mod apk download v3.1

mario kart tour is a racing mobile game created by Mario ip. Welcome to the new Mario world. All kinds of Mario characters will appear in the early summer. Poisonous mushrooms, little turtles, fire-breathing dragons, etc. will appear in it. A variety of interesting easter eggs are waiting for you to solve the puzzle, and the gameplay is interesting. Welcome to this site to download!

The official introduction of mario kart tour:

The mario kart tour adopts the classic Mario ip. The lovely uncle Mario did not break through the level this time, but drove various racing cars to speed on the track. Various gameplay modes meet the needs of different players, and more exciting content is waiting for you to experience. . Friends who are interested in the Chinese version of Mario Kart Tour, don’t miss it, what are you still hesitating about, download and experience it now!

mario kart tour features:

  • – Travel the world with a 2-week tour.
  • – Mario and the others gallop on a world city-themed track!
  • – A brand new Mario Kart game!
  • – During the tour, you can also play classic circuits from the series.
  • – Drive around the world in a Mario Kart

Game Highlights:

1. The racing track can be continuously exploded. The explosion cannot damage the track, but it can seriously interfere with the way the drivers move forward. You can chase after me and use throwing props indiscriminately.

2. There is no limit to the creativity of super cute karts. The karts have a unique shape and can run without using wheels. The rich moving methods satisfy your brain holes;

3. A fairy tale-style chaotic relationship, heroes who have appeared in previous works will appear, and the villains will continue to join the stage to start an unusual competition;

Game content:

  • Collect character and pin badges
  • Compete with players and friends all over the world on the leaderboards!
  • In the leaderboard to compete for high scores, players from all over the world will compete against each other to see who has the highest total score on the specified track on the leaderboard.
  • Fight for a better place and get promoted to a higher league.
  • Collect “Noble Stars” in the race to get new characters, vehicles and gliders!
  • In addition, you can earn a variety of pin badges after completing various “challenges” during the competition.
  • Reward Challenge
  • You can enjoy new elements in a different style from the game.
  • Complete various challenges such as “vs the gigantic cool bully” and “complete the jumping action”.


1. The classic beard and red hat 3d uncle image, a variety of skins to play a personalized role;

2. The arena is changeable, there are many audiences in the world, challenge the extreme speed, and feel the charm of cartoons.

3. Rich and changeable racing options, one-click horsepower acceleration;

・Made it so that the number of players remaining and the number of balloons popped will be displayed during battles.
・Addressed known issues.
Mario kart tour games mod apk download v3.1
Download Mario kart tour games mod apk download v3.1 

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