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Magic Survival app apk download v0.8642

Magic Survival app apk download v0.8642
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  • Version 0.86422
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer Leme
  • Genre Uncategorized
  • Google Play
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Magic Survival app apk download v0.8642

Magic Survival uses a new concept and roguelike gameplay, allowing players to experience a new style while also making fascinating discoveries in the genre. Its variation is also significant, and often random, making each of their races or run attempts rich and full of new ideas. Not only that, the gameplay potential is endless, accompanied by countless complex transformations, allowing everyone to have the most exciting experience in the refreshing and exciting battle.

Magic Survival

Endless game with tons of fun

The gameplay of Magic Survival is almost endless and repeats itself, giving the player a refreshing experience as they battle the filth and the like. While the mechanics or systems are somewhat simplistic, many elements are esoteric and can be expanded deeply to unlock new potential in combat. In general, many changes that players make to systems or gameplay affect the quality of the game and entertain them more than usual.

Fluid controls that interact smoothly with everything

The nature of the game is fast-paced, so the in-game control mechanics are smooth and responsive, allowing for expert dodging while attacking. The attack system is also automatic and will always prioritize multiple types of targets that pose the greatest danger to the player or based on customizations in the system. Because of this, the element of survival is important, and players need to prioritize avoiding countless things to continue quests or accomplish more complex things in combat.

Fight against all kinds of filth for more glory and expansion

The variety of enemies is also an interesting challenge in Magic Survival. Still, their diversity is simple, offset by complex proliferation and many other associations. Their appearance will always let the player know how to prioritize the elimination of the enemy, and even formulate corresponding strategies to destroy everything quickly. Bosses are usually larger than minions, but their attacks are complex, making combat more chaotic than ever.

Upgrade new abilities or learn new abilities

Learning or upgrading new skills is essential if players want to fight for a long time or against certain enemies. What’s great about this game is that it allows people to do skill switching etc. in real-time, rather than sticking to a pre-determined direction. However, many penalties still apply, making the gameplay more balanced in exchange for entertainment for players as they overcome all challenges as wisely as possible.

Get new weapons with devastating attacks

If players want to find new and funniest ways to fight while conquering all kinds of filth, weapons are the next addition to Magic Survival besides skills. Their variety also affects the player’s fighting style, as they vary in speed, range, and damage. Players can also upgrade modern equipment, add more attributes, obtain strong support, and eliminate all enemies smoothly and effectively.

Cast amazing magic for survival

Magic will come to players in many different forms and ways to make the most of every battle or most important moment. Small changes brought about by magic will help them escape a dangerous moment or eliminate a large number of enemies with minimal or more effort. Spells also have a process of upgrading, and most of them negatively impact players opening the bloodline of survival or glory.

Magic Survival is an entertaining and fun game in many ways, with a high pace while using concepts like magic or roguelike to thrill the player. Small elements or details are all firmly connected to make a big difference, even giving new potential to fight filth or save lives.

Some features

Intoxicating roguelike gameplay and endless synthesizing possibilities fuel the excitement of battling endless filth.
Smooth controls and intuitive interactions can perform many actions at the same time or increase the player’s efficiency when fighting the dirt.
Upgrade your strength and choose new skills to diversify your attack style or strike dirt with sheer force for better level-ups.
Equip a variety of weapons and more to fight the filth with maximum efficiency or break through to gain more experience upgrading your weaponry.
Learn new spells and magic to wreak havoc on enemies with fun methods and intuitive controls that maximize the player’s power.

[UPDATE v0.864]

* 4 NEW magic combinations are added.
* The amount of goods obtained increases.

[UPDATE v0.86]

* A magic combination system is added.
Magic combination is a method of strengthening the main magic by learning two magical characteristics that satisfy the conditions and consuming the material magic.

* The difficulty in the second half of Endless Mode is moderately adjusted.
Magic Survival app apk download v0.8642
Download Magic Survival app apk download v0.8642 

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