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Lumosity brain training app apk downoad

Lumosity brain training app apk downoad
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Lumosity brain training app apk downoad

Lumosity software is a super intelligent promotion application in the world. It continues to use the leading scientific theoretical basis, uses multiple ways to train, and helps users improve memory and brain power. Tens of millions of people are using it.

Introduction to lumosity:

The application software specially used for brain training and memory improvement by Lumos Labs, Inc. has many levels related to brain exercise. Users need to carry out threshold training, which can improve attention range, memory and many other areas of the brain. It provides daily exercise, which comes from the collection of more than 25 kinds of brain games and will challenge your five cognitive abilities.

Game function:

1. Improve attention and memory

2. Provide dozens of brain games

3. Joint research and development by neuroscientists

4. Brain specific training programs

5. Effectively train brain flexibility

Game highlights:

-Provide statistics to show your strengths and improvement potential

-Regular scientific tests to show you brain health and training progress

-Improve essential skills in real life, such as mathematics, problem solving ability and logic


Challenge games: there are various types of abacus games, and students can choose to go there freely;

Interesting test: provide more interesting test methods, and the ability of abacus calculation can be effectively improved;

Topic explanation: The questions of mental abacus calculation are explained in great detail, which is convenient for students to understand and master.


In short, Lumosity is an application for brain training through a series of games based on scientific research and expert advice. It is simple and clear with 2D graphics that are easy to view. In particular, the lack of sound allows users to focus on their work. This useful application I think everyone should practice a little on their mobile phone every day. no pains,no gains!

Welcome to the release notes, your bi-weekly update on what’s new in the Lumosity app. This week we’re serving up a couple of bug fixes and background improvements that’ll keep your workouts running smoothly.

Game on!
Lumosity brain training app apk downoad
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