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LumaFusion Apk Download Latest Version V1.0.49.5

LumaFusion Apk Download Latest Version V1.0.49.5
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1/5 - (1 vote)

LumaFusion Apk Download Latest Version V1.0.49.5

luma fusion is a very professional and practical cell phone video editing tool, the software not only supports users to use Chinese but also has very rich and powerful editing features and special effects, easily helping users to edit the video, if you need friends do not miss it.

luma fusion Review

Minimalist interface

Support for users to use noon

Powerful editing features

Very easy to operate

luma fusion Introduction

infinite design is a video editing software specially launched for Android cell phone users, in the software users can easily edit video processing, and stitch their own material together to create a wonderful VLOG short film, the launch of the Android side allows users to easily use the phone to complete the editing and film, especially for some small video editing, more simple and convenient!

Welcome to the number one multi-track mobile video editing application. A professional and intuitive storytelling environment, from the mountaintop to the living room, gives you the inspiration to create stories anywhere, anytime. Recapture the magic of storytelling and the joy of editing!

luma fusion features

1、Integrated with many professional tools to easily achieve audio video editing and editing operations

2、Provides high-quality video tutorial teaching, adding more convenience to your video creation

3, the best professional video editing software client, every video enthusiast must

4、With a large number of music library resources, add background music, edit and create different videos

5, there are many cool transition effects, all the time in the production of fashion blockbuster

6. Screen ratio and size can be freely chosen, and animation effects can be overlaid

Highlights of luma fusion


– Use 6 video/audio tracks
– Use 6 additional audio tracks
– Edit with a powerful magnetic timeline with insert/overlay and link/unlink clips
– Show track titles, with the ability to lock, hide, and mute all tracks
– Use preset transitions or make your own
– Show preview on an external monitor
-Add annotated markers to the timeline
– Cut, copy, and paste between timeline and project using multi-select

Special effects

– Layer effects; green screen, brightness and chroma keys, blur, distortion, styles, and colors
– Stabilize video with integrated lock and load stabilizer
– Use powerful color correction tools
– Choose from built-in color LUTs such as FiLMic dog or import your own .cube or .3dl files
– Unlimited use of keyframes for animation
– Save and share effects presets


– Create slow motion/fast motion fast forward or rewind
– Create smooth slow motion with 120 and 240fps files
– Edit with a time-lapse video


– Fine-tune audio perfectly with graphic equalizers
– Keyframe audio levels, panning, and equalizers for perfect mixing
– Fill from left/right for dual mono audio recording
– Isolating tracks on multi-track files
– Dodge music during dialogue with auto-dodge feature
– Add third-party audio plug-ins


– Create multi-layer captions with graphics and images
– Adjust fonts, colors, fonts, borders, and shadows
– Import custom fonts
– Save and share caption presets

Project Manager

– Create an unlimited number of projects with various aspect ratios (including landscapes, portraits, squares, widescreen movies)
– Create iPhone and iPad video projects for editing
– Operate at frame rates from 18fps to 240fps
– Copy, add annotations and use color labels

Media Library

– Use media directly from photos, GNARBOX, WD Wireless,
– Edit directly from USB-C drives
– Import media: cloud storage, SanDisk iXpand, and SMB network drives
– Free to use: dozens of royalty-free music, sound effects, videos, and backgrounds
– View detailed metadata about your media
– Rename, add notes and colorful tags
– Sort and search to quickly find the content you need


– Easily share movies by controlling resolution, quality, and format
– Create snapshots of any frame
– Archive projects for backup or editing on other devices
– Full ProRes editing and exporting on ProRes-compatible devices

Lumafusion MOD APK 590 is an award-winning video editing application for mobile devices, one of the most famous in the world of mobile applications. It allows people to create, modify and edit your videos according to their tastes and preferences and like to upload them to social media. Lumafusion MOD APK android 10 application is one of the most used video editing applications with millions of users and many constant downloads. With its professional customization tools, it is considered one of the best tools for producing quality content.

Lumafusion MOD APK for Android is a handy tool for everyone on your device. If you are a content creator, video editor, or multimedia designer and you are looking for the perfect application to accompany you in your editing, then this is the ideal choice for you. Whether you are a professional or not, once you start using this application, you can do wonders. Download Lumafusion MOD APK 30 and start enjoying this editing application and all its benefits. Be sure to note that you don’t have to pay to use this application, you can download Lumafusion MOD APK here for free.

This application is constantly updated by the developers and the latest version of Lumafusion MOD APK was released on November 3, 2022, and LumaTouch was released to the public. You can use this application as long as you have a compatible working phone. It has a rating of 3+, so everyone can enjoy using this application. Navigating the application is not complicated as there are guides and steps to guide the user through each part of the application. One attractive thing is that the application is intuitive and offers a good multi-touch screen experience designed for touch screens.

With Lumafusion MOD APK you will get a new experience, and a new excitement to modify videos and customize them using many tools that will make your videos look more stylish. You can design according to your taste and preferences.

If you are looking for a great application to make the best videos, then this is the best choice for you. Enter the world of professional editing tools and enjoy the convenience and fun when you start using this application. Lumafusion MOD APK download for Android 70 can be downloaded here and installed now

• Updated the Reference Guide link in the Help and Settings.
• The wording on the 'Choose or create your LumaFusion Folder' message was changed.
• Several shortcuts were not working.
• Text did not change after Quick Edit in Info Panel
• New project, Help and Settings panel was missing project setting controls.
• Removed gaps at the tails of the clips when transitions were applied.
• Includes many other stability and performance improvements.
LumaFusion Apk Download Latest Version V1.0.49.5
Download LumaFusion Apk Download Latest Version V1.0.49.5 

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