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Love Sick v1.99.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download

Love Sick v1.99.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download
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If you’re looking for a better way to enjoy romance novels, reading a fun visual novel is sure to give you an entirely different experience. With Love Sick Interactive Stories you can now enjoy an amazing romance and access certain levels of the story, adjusting the path until the end.

Discover a variety of interesting stories in this new game from SWAG MASHA and play with the main female characters from your favorite games. Take part in a variety of exciting in-game activities. Explore and experience a world of great romances, untold mysteries, stylish lifestyles, and more.

Find out more about this amazing mobile game with our full review: Love Sick: Interactive Stories.

Love Sick

Love Sick Story

In the game, Android gamers will have access to a number of visual novels with different stories and settings. Here you can discover the stories of your choice in a more interactive and immersive way.

Android gamers can use their in-game choices to customize the story. So alter the course of events and the future of your character as you see fit. Explore and experience different and exciting endings for each choice.

Additionally, by featuring many different stories with unique settings, Love Sick: Interactive Stories allows Android gamers to enjoy the simulation in a more immersive way. Here, you become one with the protagonists as you experience the story from their own perspective.

In doing so, it allows for more interesting and relevant gameplay. This isn’t just a game, it’s your own experience in various settings and scenarios. What will you do, what will you choose, and your choices will affect the whole story. So be careful with them.

Love Sick

Love Sick Game Features

Here you will find all the amazing features this game has to offer:

A more interactive and better way to enjoy your favorite stories

First, Android gamers in Lovesick: An Interactive Story will get a more interactive and better way to enjoy the story. With the launch of the visual novel, every event in the game will be told through animated screens and scenes, which will make it even more exciting.

But most importantly, you can now change the story by making certain choices in various situations. Combined, these choices will lead your story down different paths, and you can expect multiple endings for each story. What you would choose to be a character in your own story, and how that would affect the end result. Immersive and interactive gameplay will keep you engrossed in the story for hours.

Simple and intuitive touch controls in Love Sick

To help Android gamers experience the game, Love Sick: Interactive Stories also introduces simple and intuitive touch controls, allowing you to quickly familiarize yourself with the gameplay. You can use the touchscreen to easily navigate between scenes, make selections or investigate your surroundings. Enjoy a smooth and satisfying gaming experience anytime.

Various stories and adventures in different scenes

Last but not least, with a large library of interesting stories and adventures with dozens of different scenarios, Lovesick: Interactive Stories players can enjoy a different experience on each journey. Live these amazing stories and enjoy the unique experience of these stories:

  • Vampire Ball — This story takes you into a fantasy world where humans and vampires coexist. And in the most prestigious university in the world, there are only superlatives and vampires. Here, every 20 years, a royal ball is held, attended by girls from all over the world. You, as an ordinary girl, are about to embark on an exciting college journey. And what kind of luck makes you surpass others with your beauty and charm?
  • Princess Liana – The story takes place in a faraway kingdom where a ruling family is murdered by an evil witch in one gloomy night. With one voice, time stopped and everyone mourned the death of the great ruler. Still, there is hope, because the princess is now hiding among the peasants. He must now find his originality and return the reigns to his family.
  • Pretty Spy: Wedding Planner – The story revolves around a beautiful spy who hates being the fiancé of famous billionaire David Kerber. As their wedding looms, great romantic adventures are likely to follow.

This is just a small sample of the entire series, as there are many interesting stories for you to explore. Not to mention that regular updates will also bring a lot of changes and new adventures to the game.

Love Sick

Experience exciting fashion elements in the game

For fashionistas, Lovesick: An Interactive Story also offers fun and engaging in-game elements to immerse yourself in the fashion experience. Feel free to explore tons of in-game fashions. Collect your beautiful clothes throughout the game, and when you see your pretty self in fancy dress or other special outfits, don’t hesitate to try them on.

Beautiful character design brings better experience

To make the game more fun while appealing to your fashion sense, Love Sick: Interactive Stories also includes beautiful characters, each with a unique look. Of course, you, the main character, will have the best performance. Fully immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy the story at its best with these beautiful character designs.

Play for free

For those who are interested, the game is now free for everyone to download and enjoy on your mobile. You can easily install the game from Google Play Store without paying anything.

Enjoy our modified version of the game

If you find ads and in-game purchases a bit annoying, you can use our modified gameplay. It will provide unlimited access to all newly added stories and will not display ads, so you will not find it difficult to play the game. All you need to do is download and install the Love Sick Mod APK from our website, follow the guide given and you are ready to play.

Love Sick visual and audio quality


Like many other most popular visual novel games like Journeys: Interactive Series and Choices: Stories You Play, Love Sick: Interactive Stories offers beautiful character designs and an amazing atmosphere in each story. You can fully immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy the story. For those who are interested, the lightweight gameplay can also allow gamers to experience a smooth and satisfying experience on mobile phones.

Love SickAudio/Music

With an intense visual experience, players in Love Sick: Interactive Stories can also immerse themselves in the dazzling game soundtrack and sound effects. Well executed sounds will make this game cooler and more exciting.

In conclusion

Get ready for lots of romantic adventures, mysteries and great drama in this dazzling new game from SWAG MASHA. Best of all, you can unlock all of them for free anytime with our awesome mods.

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Love Sick v1.99.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download
Download Love Sick v1.99.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download 

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