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Locus Map Pro app download V3.60.2 (Paid)

Locus Map Pro app download V3.60.2 (Paid)
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Locus Map Pro app download V3.60.2

Locus Map Pro – Outdoor GPS Navigation and Maps will bring you the best maps for tracking outdoor activities. If you are a lover of outdoor activities and sports and want to track your schedule, this is the right app for you. With this app, many of the best utilities and features for outdoor sports will give you the best experience. Try out the app to get a fun activity session.

Locus Map

The best apps for outdoor activities

One of the studies says that outdoor physical activities bring excellent health to people. As a result, many people are now choosing outdoor sports to improve their health. However, any sport needs a workout tracker and this app will be the best tool for outdoor activities.

There are many different genres and outdoor sports for players to choose from: mountain biking, hiking, climbing, and trail running …… And to be able to be efficient in your workouts, you need to monitor the relevant metrics and change them according to each situation. Come to this application and all the indicators, from basic to advanced, will be counted for you in detail.

A great guide map

To do a good sport, before each trip you need to determine the destination and the distance to travel. And this simple task will be able to be done quickly and accurately according to the main map of the application. The map will give you absolute accuracy as well as a reasonable path with your goals and travel distances.

From the beginning of the journey, the map in your pocket will be a real guide that can help you a lot during the journey. The built-in coordinate system will be able to help you get the exact location where you are standing so that you can determine the distance you are traveling. In addition, when you turn on the navigation function, the application will be able to help you with directions by voice and with a very high degree of accuracy.

Special User Customization

As each user comes to this application, they will have completely different needs and uses. And to best serve each different need, the application also adds a special customization feature for the user. Thanks to this feature, each user will be able to customize the way the application works to best meet their own needs.

With this, you will also be able to request various tracking statistics related to the exercise you are doing. This is because the manufacturer understands that with each different activity, there will be different metrics that will need to be tracked to perform at their best. There will be a selection of different record files, as well as various types of charts and statistics that will give you very detailed data after each training session.

locus map lastest version for Android features

Off-line navigation and guidance.

– Voice instructions or sound signals

– Out-of-route alerts

– Navigation and guidance along routes imported from elsewhere

– Straight-line navigation in open terrain

Hunt for geographic information.

– Downloading caches for offline play via the G4L plugin

– Navigate caches on the map or with a compass, record them online or offline

– Use graphics and calculation tools

– Manage your logs and drafts

– Get alerts on upcoming caches

Customize your application.

– Configure its main menu according to your actual needs

– Set up the main screen – function panel, left and right-hand controls, light/dark mode…

– Set up a coordinate system, units, dashboard, and screens

– Enjoy the flexibility of the application by configuring presets

Use maps from our wide selection.

– offline maps of the entire world

– Switch to hiking/biking maps, winter or city maps. Download 3 of them for free.

– Add external maps in SQLite, TAR, MBT, GEMF, Orux or RMA formats

App Features

1、Online maps: This app can use OpenStreet maps (10 types), Freemap (4 types), ARCGIS (4 types), etc. You can also add custom online maps.

2、Offline maps: Offline maps support SQLite format, and can also display TAR maps (updated TrekBuddy format), and MBT maps.

3、WMS maps: The ability to display WMS maps with custom overlays selected over other online maps.

4、Map download: Support direct download of online maps and then use offline, you can customize the size of the downloaded map, define the length and width, etc., or along a certain path or diameter.

5、Other more features: too many features, simply flip through the above few.

Software Highlights

More fun for your adventure! Multi-functional navigation application with offline maps, so you can fully enjoy the outdoor experience.

Create, plan, edit, record, save or share your trips, preserve memories, track your performance, and more.

Is designed for hiking, mountain biking, cycling, running, geocaching, cross-country skiing, and other outdoor activities.

Fully customizable and flexible, offering a variety of cool features that work on a variety of maps around the world.

*** Locus Map Classic 3.64 ***
- chg: unified "Add maps" menu for online/offline maps in the Map manager
- chg: "recalculate all" available in "Set router" dialog instead of side menu
- chg: "recalculate all" in the planner now available for all routers
- chg: new settings menu for backup & filesystem
- chg: app news notifications converted to the system notifications

Many improvements and bug fixes across the whole app.
See the full changelog during the app start.
Locus Map Pro app download V3.60.2 (Paid)
Download Locus Map Pro app download V3.60.2 (Paid) 

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