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Locus Map 3 Classic Pro apk download v3.60

Locus Map 3 Classic Pro apk download v3.60
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Locus Map 3 Classic Pro apk download v3.60

You are an active child who likes to go out and play, but you are not familiar with the road. Going out alone without guidance can be difficult for you. At this point, Locus Map Pro APK will become an active and useful companion.

The ultimate navigation app for all outdoor sports enthusiasts!

Getting lost is not terrible. When you really lose your temper and your ability to determine direction, it’s terrible. No matter where you go, no matter where you are, do not let yourself fall into that undesirable situation. The best way is still to have a convenient navigation application in your phone. Take it out for use when necessary, and do not be passive under any circumstances. That’s why I must introduce you to a handheld application with guidance and tracking effects.

What is Locus Map Pro?

Locus Map Pro is one of the best navigation applications for outdoor enthusiasts today. Do you like long distance jogging, mountain biking, hiking to the top, striding through winding paths and hiking? Or as an adventurer who is not afraid of difficulties to conquer challenges? Locus Map Pro will be an ideal companion.

Online and offline directional tools

Locus Map Pro will guide you by voice with the help of online and offline route services. This function is very convenient when you cannot hold your phone on the road. Only a pair of earphones is needed, and the road is within reach.

On Locus Map Pro, there are maps displayed in online and offline modes. It includes basic and advanced maps, such as standard roadmap and map overlay. If you like, you can edit and mark the route, destination, time and popular contacts on these maps with your own handwriting for easy tracking on the road.

Both voice and map direction can navigate to a preset point on the map or use the compass in the application. Alternatively, you can let Locus Map Pro guide you along the shortest and safest route between any two points. These points can be imported and exported from different formats, such as KML, KMZ, GPX… and network services, such as Strava, Runkeeper, Google Earth

The offline map list in Locus Map Pro is extracted from reliable international sources, such as:

LoMaps – OSM based vector maps of the world containing topics for hiking, cycling, winter sports, roads or cities.

Germany, Austria, Italy – Kompass, Outdoor Summer and Winter, Freytag Berndt hiking map

  • USA – Accurra Roadmap
  • Switzerland – SwissTopo
  • UK – British Army Survey (equivalent to Landranger and Explorer)
  • France – IGN topology and satellites
  • Spain – CNIG
  • Poland – Compass Hiking Map
  • Czech, Slovakia SHOCart
  • PZS Slovenia, IGN Belgium, Cartographia Hungary, etc.
  • Motion monitoring tools

If you are interested in mountaineering, hiking or cycling, a set of motion monitoring features available in Locus Map Pro will help tremendously.

Specifically, in the application, there are many functions that can help you measure your current performance. Before and after the training process, coaches use voice commands, charts and statistics, and support external sensors to conduct accurate fitness measurement (measurement – HRM, speed/tread frequency, GPS, NMEA).

Effective weather forecasting tools

Locus Map Pro can also help you monitor and forecast the weather before and during your trip. It is detailed enough for you to predict all the hazards caused by the weather. According to the geographical region, according to your route and location, retrieve the latest information of the data from the global reliable weather forecast sources.

Locus Map Pro is known for its highly customizable nature. In the process of use, all information can be set according to the user’s needs: from the main menu to functions, control panel, display screen… can be adjusted to integrate everyone’s search needs, instructions and usage habits.


In short, with such a wide range of satisfactory functions, you can’t travel without Locus Map Pro in your mobile phone. It will help you stay on track, ensure as safe as possible, and avoid any accidents with weather warnings. If you are an Activity Lover, you should install Locus Map Pro on your device immediately.

*** Locus Map Classic 3.63 ***
- chg: major rework of full-screen system
- add: option to move maps to private 'Android/media' directory as default
- add: checking HDOP & VDOP values during track recording to prevent storing of problematic locations

Many improvements and bug fixes across the whole app.
See the full changelog during the app start.
Locus Map 3 Classic Pro apk download v3.60
Download Locus Map 3 Classic Pro apk download v3.60 

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