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LingQ app apk download v5.4.22 (Premium Unlocked)

LingQ app apk download v5.4.22 (Premium Unlocked)
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LingQ app apk download v5.4.22

LingQ develops the ability to communicate and use a new language for people who are just starting to learn any language. The system offers lessons related to the language of the user’s choice. You will have time for basic exercises, such as writing, communicating, listening, and reading texts. All the basics will be provided. In addition, the convenience of the built-in vocabulary lookup tool makes the application excellent.


Special features added

Users who have difficulties with new languages they need to learn will be supported by LingQ and excellent courses. Many features have been changed to better suit the preferences of users. In particular, Japanese and Chinese text will be corrected more quickly when you copy and paste it into our fixes page. Users can adjust and rearrange their courses in the course overview. Saved phrases will become a rich resource for your learning process.

Learn the new language you want

The list of languages taught in LingQ offers over 42 different languages. Users will identify the type of language they want to learn and then the system will create a basic learning curve for you. The first lesson will be the first introduction to the language or the country where the language is spoken. The lectures are combined with a lot of exercises that will make the user more fluent. In addition, this is a special dictionary that helps you discover more words each day.

Review your course schedule in the master list

After completing any course, your entire learning process will be recorded by LingQ in a master list. This will be the place to store the entire learning process and interact with the application. The basics will be tagged and recorded and users are granted access to the lectures and exercises learned. If you are using two devices, don’t worry, all your information can be backed up and appear anywhere when you log in. Schedule notifications and assignment reminders will remind you daily.

Fluency in any language

LingQ offers basic courses on skills for using a specific language. Before a lesson begins, users will see their choices on a common board that includes more than 42 different languages. Each lesson brings a wealth of knowledge to help you easily absorb and learn the language. The system creates a common list that records the user’s activities and completes them by monitoring your access. If you want to look up new words and learn vocabulary, the dictionary will be the most used reference. Our tutors will work with you through the process of learning your desired language!

Main features

Improve your ability to use the new language by taking the various courses built into the system.
Complete with major updates to the version, adding more important information to appear in your courses.
The languages taught are the ones that are popular today; new knowledge is updated.
Trends or important words are mentioned in each lesson; you can also look them up in the dictionary.
Keep track of your progress in learning a new language, learn it in various ways, and show your roadmap in tabular form.

- Improvements to the Library;
- Tap to page in the Reader;
- Fix sync issues in Playlists;
- Fix to vocabulary in some Asian languages;
- Fixed issue with searching sometimes adding an unrelated language;
- Improvements to Popular meanings and Related Phrases;
- Improvements to onboarding and registration;
- Preferred topics in the settings;
- Added setting to disable all milestones and daily goal popups;
- Fix issue with auto create LingQ;
- Other bug fixes and stability improvements.
LingQ app apk download v5.4.22 (Premium Unlocked)
Download LingQ app apk download v5.4.22 (Premium Unlocked) 

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