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LingoDeer app download Android mobile version 2.99.195

LingoDeer app download Android mobile version 2.99.195
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What is LingoDeer?

According to Google Play statistics, LingoDeer is the leading language-learning app for mobile devices with over 10 million users worldwide. Now you can easily find a language teaching app in the app store. But LingoDeer stands out from similar apps with its diverse, fun, and scientific teaching methods. Depending on your goals, you will practice all four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing through lessons divided into topics.

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Interface for all users

LingoDeer is an app for all ages, so the interface of the app is designed in an easy-to-understand manner for users. Even a 5-year-old boy can teach himself a foreign language with this app.

Learn even offline

LingoDeer works best when connected to the internet. Online courses are always updated with the latest knowledge in each field, helping you integrate into cultures around the world early. However, if you must go to a place without the internet, you can download some lessons and review your knowledge every time you have time.

Comprehensive study

Our world welcomes you to deliver detailed lectures and courses in various fields to allow learners to fully acquire skills. First, we provide you with an alphabet system from complex languages such as Japanese and Korean to familiar languages such as English. Through this, the user can know how to write the necessary characters to learn vocabulary step by step. Collected millions of words with detailed meanings.

Simple grammar

LingoDeer is supposed to be a good enough helper for you to understand and master knowledge, allowing you to put out hundreds of sentences in your own way without limitation. Not only that, but learners also get a completely free textbook with complete grammar examples for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. You’ll have access to a course that includes a variety of lectures along the way, providing a well-structured path to drive your studies forward.

Memory card

More than that, especially LingoDeer, which makes it better than other similar apps, is reinforcing the after-school study pressure. You will actively and passively receive and consolidate knowledge through various review activities. Including the emergence of double-sided memory cards, which are considered to be your best tool for consolidating vocabulary, with the original word on one side and the translation on the other.

Interesting question

LingoDeer provides you with a development tracking system with excellent statistics. Not only that, but we also bring joy and hilarious moments to users through puzzles ranging from simple to complex. You will set yourself fixed goals and stick to them to learn and improve your results.

Now, the Me tab is more detailed & engaging! See all your statistics & achievement challenges at a glance!

- Get a quick summary of your learning statistics. Expand the "Words & Sentences" module to see how you've progressed in each of your languages. You deserve to feel accomplished!
- Join achievement challenges and reach your goals faster! Enjoy learning, let's stay motivated!
- No features were removed in this update.

Check out your updated profile and happy learning!
LingoDeer app download Android mobile version 2.99.195
Download LingoDeer app download Android mobile version 2.99.195 

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