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Ling learn chinese language app download

Ling learn chinese language app download
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Ling learn Chinese language app download

The Ling learn Chinese language app artificial intelligence helps Chinese learning and makes the world feel the beauty of Chinese. One-to-one tutoring helps you customize your learning plan, monitor your learning progress, and create a combination of topics tailored for you. The key points are highlighted. Efficient learning, online testing, simulation training, real topic testing, learning reports, wrong problem analysis, and problem-solving skills can improve your ability to do problems in an all-around way.

Ling learns Chinese language app features:

  • Interesting and practical Chinese learning function
  • Free and rich Chinese and Chinese culture learning resources
  • Advanced intelligent voice and artificial intelligence technology, customized personalized learning scheme, real-time feedback, and guidance

Ling learns Chinese language app function:

Memorize new words every day

HSK graded vocabulary preparation test

Speech evaluation technology helps to recite new words

Chinese culture

Rich video resources experience the traditional Chinese classics

Poetry, Idioms, Calligraphy, Discover the Beauty of Chinese Culture

skill training

Common Chinese sentences, idiomatic oral expression

Read, follow, correct mistakes, and repeat until you master

Global live class

Full platform support and seamless system connection

Low latency, high efficiency, free live broadcast worldwide

The Ling learn Chinese language app is simple and easy to use, one click to start broadcasting, and supports multi-scene interaction

Ling learns Chinese language app highlights:

Ling learn Chinese language App is a special app dedicated to the HSK Chinese proficiency test under the global Chinese learning platform, which helps you prepare for the HSK Chinese proficiency test easily!

The Ling learn Chinese language app makes use of iFLYTEK’s advanced AI artificial intelligence and Internet technologies to build HSK-graded learning content for learners at home and abroad so that users can experience the whole process of test preparation and learning of “intelligent test → personality study → real-time practice”.

The Ling learn Chinese language app has a senior teaching and research team. It has developed courses covering HSK1, HSK2, HSK3, HSK4, HSK5 and HSK6 at all levels. It has more than 500 3-minute HSK knowledge point courses. It has developed 100 sets of HSK authentic simulation test papers at all levels, 100 sets of exercises covering words, words, articles, and chapters, and 20 teaching aids of mainstream textbooks. It contains more than 5000 test point vocabulary, covering the overall learning content of HSK.

How does the Ling learn Chinese language app learn?

Step 1: Accurately evaluate your Chinese level

After downloading and registering the “Ling learn Chinese language app”, you can first conduct a diagnostic test through AI intelligence evaluation, and accurately evaluate your Chinese level from multiple dimensions of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and expression.

Step 2: Study, train and prepare for the exam

After determining the HSK level, the Ling learn Chinese language app will intelligently recommend the appropriate learning content according to your current HSK level, and you can follow the content recommended by eLearning in Chinese; You can also independently select relevant learning content for practice according to the evaluation level, including AI Chinese classes and special exercises such as character, word, sentence, short text reading, scene dialogue, HSK online tutorials, and interactive PK to increase learning interest.

Step 3: Real simulated test

The Ling learn Chinese language app has launched hundreds of authentic simulated test papers, with the cooperation of domestic experts, which can help you simulate the real HSK exam scene in advance, understand and be familiar with the HSK exam process and question types, and make you more comfortable in the formal exam.

Step 4: Learn more knowledge easily

Using the Ling learn Chinese language app, you can easily learn the courses and online exercises, master the required HSK vocabulary and grammar, and regularly review the units so that you can easily master the knowledge points and examination points!

What can you get from the Ling learn Chinese language app?

① The 500 class hour A.I. Chinese course covers Pinyin, grammar, vocabulary, cultural courses, all grammar points in the HSK Examination Outline, and the 7-9 level grammar listed in the International Chinese Language Education Chinese Level Standards.

② With more than 100 sets of HSK simulation test papers, eLearning Chinese has cooperated with senior experts to develop all levels of authentic simulation test questions according to the requirements of HSK test questions.

③ The textbook supporting resources for more than 10000 after-school exercises are the granular decomposition and processing of mainstream international Chinese education textbooks at home and abroad. At present, more than 20 textbooks have been produced.

④ With 5000 HSK-graded words, eLearning Chinese creates an online vocabulary learning tool using example sentence matching, audio synthesis, multilingual translation, and other means for 5000 words specified in the HSK Test Outline.

⑤ Level ability test: the system can quickly determine the learners’ Chinese level in a few minutes by pushing topics suitable for learners’ level through the preset calculation logic, and providing learners with corresponding learning content. At present, the reserve of 6 grades and multiple sets of questions has been completed, which can support the judgment of the all-around ability to listen, speak, read, and write.

⑥ General knowledge of Chinese, including five categories of pinyin, Chinese characters, common words, classic sentences, and excellent essays.

⑦ Chinese culture courses include Chinese chanting, Chinese poetry, Chinese idioms, Chinese calligraphy, and other cultural content resources.

Have you been waiting? Here are the latest updates, fresh out of the box.

- Minor Bug fix
- UI & UX improvements

Found anything suspicious? Who you gonna call? Contact us here:
Have fun learning with Ling!
Ling learn chinese language app download
Download Ling learn chinese language app download 

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