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Likee Mod APK App Download V3.99.1

Likee Mod APK App Download V3.99.1
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Likee Mod APK App Download V3.99.1

likee is recommended to everyone, it is a new video editing platform and sharing platform. Our software has a lot of video resources, you can use our software to edit, crop, etc. It is convenient to open our software when you want to edit videos in the future. Our software also provides the function of making friends, you can make friends with others in our application. If you need it, come to our site and download it.

likee software introduction

likee Short Video is a short video making software that allows users to edit various small videos on the Likee application so that they can be embellished so that everyone can make large movies. The features in likee are simple and can be used for free. It is very easy and fast. Likee’s features are very professional. The large amount of high quality original content from around the world allows users to enjoy a wide variety of videos. You can also share clips with one click, so you can always share users to enjoy beautiful clips together. Likee offers a number of quick-action features that can process videos to massive effect in a matter of minutes. Here are short videos worth watching.

Advantages of likee software

1. Feel free to choose your favorite atlas features.

2. Likee offers a variety of interesting editing features to choose from.

3. Improve your face and make it fit your makeup perfectly, allowing you to change your delicate look in seconds.

4. Make special effects move to the rhythm of the music and shoot dynamic music videos with one click.

5. Help you get the content you are interested in quickly and the more you watch, the more excited you get.

Highlights of likee software

1. Likee is a popular short video social software that allows online communication.

2. the ability to watch a huge amount of high-quality original video content online, with many categories bringing unlimited fun.

3. intelligent recommendation technology pushes the latest content for you according to your habits.

4. Feel free to add many magic effects, the process of making a hit takes only a minute.

likee software features

Music Magic Filter

Music rhythm recognition technology, by recognizing the sound, pitch, volume and other sound changes, so that the filter “according to the beat” move, will you and the music and effects together, easy to make dynamic music short video.

National Dubbing Show

A collection of interesting and funny voice scripts, lip shapes and acting techniques from all over the world. You can see all kinds of drama here. You can also easily record funny videos, change the main character in a second, and dedicate yourself to perform and have fun for everyone.

【4D Magic】Video foreground and background splitting technology + human edge recognition technology enables magical video shooting effects such as flying, crossing and villain. With more than 20 kinds of disappearing and appearing effects, you can seamlessly switch between various scenes so you can shoot magical and amazing movies at home.

likee Software Review

1. New micro-styling and beauty makeup, exquisite thin face, super-fitting beauty makeup, so you can change your exquisite makeup in seconds.

2. A large number of special effect game tools, thousands of face changing stickers and magical expressions, so you never monotonous to take a selfie.

3. The world’s leading music magic filter, let the special effects move on the beat of the music, and one-touch shooting dynamic music video.

4. The world’s latest black technology hair coloring, 4D magic, super power, so you can shoot sci-fi blockbusters with your phone.

5. SuperMe, the shortest video making tool in history, makes your photos bigger in seconds

Bug fixes and performance improvements
Likee Mod APK App Download V3.99.1
Download Likee Mod APK App Download V3.99.1 

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