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lifesum healthy eating app download free v12.2

lifesum healthy eating app download free v12.2
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lifesum healthy eating app download free v12.2

Lifesum healthy eating is an app for rationally organizing meal plans. If you need to lose weight and want to go on a diet, find this app.

It will help users lose weight properly without lack of nutrients. With modern measuring functions and calorie counters, as well as healthy recipes, users will enjoy abundant health and vitality every day.

Software features:

When using Lifesum, users have the opportunity to use specific meal planning tools to track their eating process freely and comfortably.

The app will list your food and drinks and show you how many calories you need to eat each day.

You will receive many attractive dietary advice to apply in your life.

As long as you persevere, you will soon feel like your body is healthy and fit because you are well nourished and not overweight.

Software features:

If you need to lose weight to have a more beautiful body, don’t ignore this app.

It’s like a doctor who always gives enthusiastic advice on all your weight loss journeys.

You will first take a test to see if your lifestyle and food preferences are right for you.

We will develop a specific schedule detailing each meal, full of calories and nutrients.

In just a few simple steps, you can get a menu that suits you.

Software Highlights:

In Lifesum, the user can have the most modern calorie counter to provide and monitor all the nutrients in each dish to see if it meets the standards, is there any excess? and many more.

You can also combine it with jogging or exercise while on a diet.

This app will conveniently sync with all other sports apps to help you monitor your health and weight loss process quickly and save the most time.

We spruced up the app to make Lifesum even easier, tastier, and more fun to use.
lifesum healthy eating app download free v12.2
Download lifesum healthy eating app download free v12.2 

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