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Last Shelter: Survival Apk Download Latest 2.28.1

Last Shelter: Survival  Apk Download Latest 2.28.1
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Last Shelter: Survival 2.28.1 for Android

Last shelter survival is a survival game that has been well received by players at home and abroad. In the game, the player is set in a zombie world, and as a commander, the player needs to take control of the situation, face the zombie army calmly, and maintain the normal operation of the shelter. Also need to rebuild their own city. The game is rich in gameplay and very strategic, requiring players to actively think about the various crises in the zombie world and rebuild the city that is almost in ruins. The exquisite graphics and the tense rhythm, the fascinating atmosphere are the advantages of the game to attract players, interested players and friends do not hurry to download and install the latest version of the game experience?

last shelter survival game introduction

1, is a zombie world as the theme of the strategic shooting survival game.

2, the player as the commander of the zombie army is about to attack the need to control the situation, to deal with zombies.

3, not only need to maintain the normal operation of the shelter, but also need to rebuild the city.

Last shelter survival game features

1、Support alliance play, cohesion, and zombie side by side combat.

2, free and flexible combat gameplay, other players in the alliance to resist the loss of attack.

3, in this wasteland to rebuild human civilization, from the small base to build a huge military fortress.

last shelter survival gameplay

1, [rebuild shelter] survival is only the first step, you must rebuild your city. Road is the most important link between cities. City planning is an important strategy for the development of the city, you must take the operation efficiency as the starting point for city planning.

2. [Find Followers] Rescue survivors in the huge world map and let them follow you and become your fighting force. Ally with other players and gather strength to fight against the zombies together! Protect your allies from being plundered.

3. [Trade] In the end of the world, supplies are the key to development, and trade helicopters can provide you with free trade support. Use your wisdom to buy the materials needed to build shelters at the lowest cost and sell your surplus resources at the highest price.

Last shelter survival game highlights

1, the post-apocalyptic background of the strategic survival game, play interesting and diverse, free and flexible.

2, players need to master the overall situation, planning, survival in the post-apocalyptic world, rebuild the city.

3, support alliance play, can cooperate with other players to resist zombies.

1. On the decor page of the main Base, the previewed sizes of the Force Fields, pendants and wings will be as large as their actual sizes when in use.
2. The number of Guild Marks will be increased to 20.
3. The attribute to cripple enemies will be displayed in the battle reports and Commanders' attribute overview.

Last Shelter: Survival  Apk Download Latest 2.28.1
Download Last Shelter: Survival Apk Download Latest 2.28.1 

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