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JTWhatsapp mod apk download latest v9.98

JTWhatsapp mod apk download latest v9.98
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JTWhatsapp mod apk download latest v9.98

JTWhatsapp APK is a mobile online messaging application similar to Whatsapp, but it has more prominent functions. Let’s continue to read about the application here.

When it comes to mobile chat applications, everyone is familiar with WhatsApp, Viber and other names. If there is another application with the same function but updated, it will be difficult for users to know, try and use it for a long time. The game against the previous brothers will be more difficult. But when this new application is built on the basis that most users are familiar with, and has a series of new functions, it can solve some inherent disadvantages of the old platform, the situation may be different. Are you willing to try new experiences?

Yes, JTWhatsapp is such a new application.

JTWhatsapp is downloaded by potential new application provider JTWhatsapp Com. In order to provide users with a second choice other than WhatsApp and give them the opportunity to experience more complete functions, JTWhatsapp continues to solve the problem that WhatsApp is considered a disadvantage, and then turns it into an advantage.

They can be mentioned as follows:

  • JTWhatsapp allows a maximum status length of 255 characters (compared to 139 characters in WhatsApp).
  • JTWhatsapp can share up to 100 files at the same time (WhatsApp allows 30 files).
  • JTWhatsapp allows users to send messages to groups of up to 500 people (250 in WhatsApp).
  • The total size of media shared through JTWhatsapp is 50MB (15MB in WhatsApp).
  • JTWhatsapp also supports a series of functions not supported by WhatsApp, including hiding the last message, copying status, sharing documents in Pdf and Txt formats, and sending blank messages
  1. In addition, as with any online messaging service, JTWhatsapp provides many useful features for all users. As follows:
  2. Many emoticons are available for download –
  3. Show green tick when answering
  4. Hide the green tick and mark it as visible
  5. Hide State View
  6. Start sending messages to people who don’t have a phone number
  7. Hide Input Actions
  8. Create a separate list for calls
  9. Track deleted messages
  10. You can block calls even if you use a caller free call or SMS account.

JTWhatsapp features:

When using JTWhatsapp, you can use both accounts on the same device. In addition, JTWhatsapp itself can be synchronized between different devices to maintain smooth and seamless chat.

For the interface of JTWhatsapp, because it is similar to WhatsApp MOD APK, you hardly need to spend time learning and getting used to it. Download, start, sign up for an account and use it now.

JTWhatsapp is also updated regularly. Whenever you come back to use it, you will always see something new, maybe small, maybe big. This shows the developer’s long-term and decent commitment. Then comes the promise of confidentiality. From the moment you open the application for registration, personalized information. All of these can make JTWhatsapp one of the best mobile applications.


One thing I like about JTWhatsapp is its powerful image sending function. Images sent via JTWhatsapp have little quality loss. Recipients can receive the same image as the original image on your device. This is also where WhatsApp is not doing well.

During use, you can choose to change the layout of background images and message lines. This feature is familiar to users of online messaging applications, but in JTWhatsapp, it is fairly fast, smooth, and beautiful. In addition, it is equipped with a beautiful, delicate and simple interface.

JTWhatsapp also cares about user security. It provides the function of fixed private chat, with an additional built-in lock, an additional security layer and an application lock to protect chat/private data. These are all designed to help users protect their information at the highest level. This is a possibility that many people are interested in when choosing to support online chat applications.

JTWhatsapp is certainly not your only choice now. At present, the application needs further development and improvement. However, with the above advantages in the short term, you can consider installing JTWhatsapp. Get other best whatsapp mod apk

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JTWhatsapp mod apk download latest v9.98
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