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Jotr app download Android mobile version

Jotr app download Android mobile version
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Jotr app download Android mobile version

Have you ever used a drawing app where you could choose a background, brush, color, texture, or thickness before using it? Jotr is a great app where you can write anything or draw anything easily. At the same time, the app has an elegant and uncomplicated interface for easy access.

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Some unique customizations of the app

In Jotr, you can choose the thickness of the brush to match what you want to draw or write, or you can create vivid strokes by thickness. Also, with a simple color picker with multiple color systems, you can choose the shade of color for drawing or writing. Plus, you can scroll through unique color combinations to create the color you want and make your drawing stand out.

Save your work

When you’re done with content or drawings, you can save them to your device or send them via social media to whoever you want. Additionally, the app has a black screen night mode so you don’t get eyestrain when using the app for long periods of time, or you can easily change that if you prefer blackboards. When you’re done working, quickly erase everything with just one tap and start over with a new stroke or content later.

Jotr is a handy drawing, writing and sketching app that you can use anytime, anywhere. Also, easy to use, drag and drop the horizontal bar to adjust the level you want or move the color wheel to choose a color. Everything in the app is perfectly designed, from the interface to the tools are neatly arranged so you can use it with ease.

Main features

Choose the thickness of the brush (large or small) according to your preference, so you can draw main or thin lines or write quick and colorful notes.
A variety of color choices, various color circles for you to experience, you can choose color combinations to create more vivid and beautiful paintings.
Save your creations and drawings to your device and send them to family and friends using the social media apps you use, or post to those social networking sites.
The night and day mode of the blackboard and whiteboard can be set according to your preference, and the night mode will help users avoid eye pain when using it for a long time.
Quickly erase the entire board and start repainting or painting whatever you want. At the same time, it’s simple and straightforward to use; you’ll be painting by hand or using an innovative brush with the touch function.

Jotr Mod APK Free Download

Jotr Mod APK is the pro version of Jotr APK. By using Jotr Mod APK, you can easily complete any task and requirement in it. Usually you need to spend a lot of time or money to get rewards easily, but by using Jotr Mod APK, you can usually achieve your goal in a very short time. Jotr Mod APK is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. Now, here, you can download Jotr APK v4.10.0 for free. This process does not require any fees, and you can use it with confidence.

Slicker and smoother than ever.
Jotr app download Android mobile version
Download Jotr app download Android mobile version 

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