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iTranslate Translator Mod Apk v5.9.1 Premium Unlocked

iTranslate Translator Mod Apk v5.9.1 Premium Unlocked
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At present, iTranslate, a global language translation software with the best experience, is extremely powerful. It supports hundreds of language translations and can switch freely. It supports image and voice translation. It is easy to use, can also be used offline, and can look up words in a dictionary.

Software advantages:

Get free text translation in more than 100 languages.

Listen to the translation of male or female voice.

Switch between different dialects during translation.

Dictionary and synonym dictionary for all languages

Transliteration, sharing, favorites, history, etc.

Advantages of the PRO version

Lens: use your camera to instantly translate menus or signs, etc.

Offline translation mode in more than 40 languages.

Voice-to-voice conversation.

The verbs in different tenses are transposed.

Function introduction:

More than 100 languages

Speak more than 100 languages immediately

Voice output

Listen to the translation of different voices and dialects

General application

A universal application for iPhone and iPad

Apple Watch App

Your independent translation application – on your wrist

Translation History

Easy and fast access to previous translations

Favorites list

Save common translations for future use

Full-screen view

Switch to full-screen mode to view translations

Slide type, multi-window

Take full advantage of the multitasking function of the iPad

Verb transposition

Find verb inflections in different tenses

Siri shortcut

Let Siri access your favorite features


Read non-Latin characters: change “Hello” to “N ǐ h ǎ o”

Light and dark mode

Use translate the way you want: in shaded mode

Share extension

Easily translate any selected text in any application


Common phrases for the next holiday or business trip

Today’s gadgets

Get the translation you need directly on the main screen

Alternative translation

Add context with various translation options

Software advantages:

1. We enable everyone to communicate in any language

ITranslate enables travelers, students, business professionals, employers, and medical staff to read, write and speak in more than 100 languages anywhere in the world.

2. Text translation

Through automatic completion and alternative translation, our text mode provides the most advanced experience in more than 100 languages.

3. Voice translation

Just start talking, and iTranslate will recognize your voice and translate it into the language you want. Now you can use 4 languages offline!

4. Camera translation

Using your phone’s camera, you can instantly translate menus, cards, logos, or most other content you encounter.

5. Offline translation

Offline translation in multiple popular languages – no internet connection required! Let us help you avoid roaming costs!

6. Keyboard translation

Get instant translation in your favorite messaging application. With iTranslate’s keyboard extension, you can keep in touch with friends around the world.

Software highlights:

Support for all languages in the world

This is a key feature of this application, which means you don’t have to worry about not understanding any words. Now you just need to enter the word and select its country, and then select the language it wants to translate. The results will be displayed with high accuracy for a moment, and similar results will be given, depending on the language scenario. The language is very rich, but this is not the limit of this application. It can translate any word because it will also bring a huge word to the user.

Translate with pictures

Can’t enter the word you see? So the best way is to take photos. Take a snapshot of the part you don’t understand, and then cut the picture in the part you need to translate. Because this application only needs to detect the language in the image, it will translate the whole without following any order. The best way is to determine the paragraph to be translated and cut the image, including only that paragraph. This is a very useful function for everyone and can be used anytime and anywhere. As long as the image has text, it will analyze the whole and translate it for you.

Voice translation

If you have problems communicating with foreigners, this function is your most needed friend. Start recording, and then let the other party speak. At the end of the recording, everything the other party says will be translated. But first, you need to determine the type of language you are trying to communicate with this person. For example, if your opponent is French and you are Chinese, you will be translated into French if your opponent is translated into Chinese. This is the most useful function to help you communicate and improve your communication skills.


This is a separate function of the application. It will contain all basic communication statements when you are abroad. Just select the situation and start looking for the route you need. For example, in the restaurant, you need to order, and the phrasebook will help you. Not only that, but it will also guide you to pronounce correctly, making it easier for you to repeat when communicating.


Unlike other translation applications, this application can run offline without difficulty. Because when users install this application, it will come with a huge dictionary to support users anytime and anywhere. Just like in communication, everything you need to explain can be done on the spot without wifi connection.

public utility

If you encounter difficulties and confusing problems in translating each word, please open the website utility. It will run in the background when you surf, and it can translate the entire web page into your language. Whether you highlight a paragraph and activate this application, it will translate the entire paragraph in the most accurate way for you to understand.

This major update does not only include improved translations and bug fixes but also comes with an entirely fresh look for your favourite features!

Say "Hello" to our brand-new Text Translation feature that now gives you an even better overview of every translation and the chosen languages!

Welcome as well to our rejuvenated Voice Mode that makes real-time conversation in foreign languages a piece of cake!

See for yourself and let us know what you think!
iTranslate Translator Mod Apk v5.9.1 Premium Unlocked
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