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ISharing GPS location tracker app download For Android

ISharing GPS location tracker app download For Android
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ISharing GPS location tracker app download For Android

The iSharing GPS location tracker app helps users connect with their families and locate them on the map provided by the app. You will know where they are moving to, especially if they have a complete travel history. At the same time, users can fully find ways to use the application functions, such as notifications, broadcast emergency messages, and of course, built-in communication functions.

ISharing GPS location tracker app

Easily find family members

The iSharing GPS location tracker app feature is very useful for users when establishing a linked network with other family members, where they can get each other’s locations. Connecting and observing each other’s positions is useful and can be applied in some cases. As a result, users will be able to quickly view the movements of other members through a fully accessible and easy-to-use map interface.

Easily view maps

The main interface that users find in the GPS location tracker app is similar to Google Maps which users are still using. On that map is an icon representing your family. According to the characteristics of moving, the color of moving lines will be different. Its application is to let people know how to use other family members to solve problems.

Save a member’s motion history

One thing that users should pay attention to when using the function of the iSharing GPS location tracker app is to store different travel histories. The movement history will be fully stored so that users can view it at any time. At the same time, these moving journeys are displayed in different colors, making it easier to understand the whereabouts of your family, especially when you travel by car.

Get notifications anytime, anywhere

In addition to observing the family’s trend information, users can also receive accurate information through the notification function of Love Sharing. These notifications will be installed and let others know when users are moving. At the same time, this feature can be used to help users know that there are other members at home or on the road nearby, to facilitate communication.

Broadcast emergency notice

One of the outstanding announcements is urgent, and anyone must act quickly. The action to activate the emergency notification is to shake the device, and other users will receive the notification immediately. At the same time, the icon for the user to broadcast the emergency notice also becomes prominent in the map interface, so that the user can quickly grasp the problem and go to the necessary location.

Easily track lost devices

The effect of using the location function to help other users identify the location is to help find the location of the lost device. These devices usually broadcast the location and display the location from there in various ways, such as the last location on the map or the unchanged location. From there, other users will rely on the data they have and quickly find the lost device. In some cases, you may find stolen devices in the package.

Communicate with other family members

The main localization feature of other family members is the core feature that many people like and use. At the same time, positioning also has a communication function, and users can communicate with others through the same function as the walkie-talkie. Sending messages is also completely useful. It can help users pass on useful information to others without using too many communication functions.

ISharing GPS position tracker app features:

The user will be able to view the map provided by the application, which will show the family members’ icons and their moving directions.

The moved location will be fully displayed colorfully and stored in the history, which can be viewed at any time.

Users will be notified when changes from other users occur, such as changing their mobile location or having relatives nearby.

An important function that users can not ignore is to broadcast emergency messages by shaking the equipment so that other users can come to support.

The application does not stop locating users, but it also allows them to communicate with each other and send messages like walkie-talkies.

iSharing now has a whole new look and feel -- the same awesome features to share location between family, with a sleeker new design. Enjoy the improved way to flip through friends and the easy access to messaging them!
ISharing GPS location tracker app download For Android
Download ISharing GPS location tracker app download For Android 

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