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Iriun Webcam Pro Mod APK App Download V2.6

Iriun Webcam Pro Mod APK App Download V2.6
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Iriun Webcam Pro Mod APK App Download V2.6

Iriun Webcam for Apple it is actually the premium version of any other webcam application that one wouldn’t mind just plugging into the phone, or just as an option for wireless calls. And the software video quality changes are free, so you can really say that it works very well.

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Software Features

Support the largest resolution

Supports multiple systems for monitoring

Extremely easy to use

iriunwebcam Tutorial

1. Download the Iriun 4K Webcam for PC and Mac application on your phone

2. Download the software from Iriun’s website with your computer

3. After installing the computer version of Iriun, you can set the number of cameras (up to 4)

4. Open the Iriun App on your phone and allow access to the camera lens and voice related permissions. Again, make sure that the computer and the phone are connected to the same WiFi, basically as long as the same WiFi connection will be able to use.

5. After the computer sees the image captured by the phone’s camera, you can select the resolution in Video format to make the image clearer.

6. If you need to conduct an online meeting or presentation in Zoom, open Zoom, go to Settings, select Video, and choose Iriun Camera from Camera. (Other video software is the same, just go to settings and change the camera)

In addition to WiFi, you can also use USB to connect to your phone and computer, so you don’t have to pay for a Webcam!

iriunwebcam how to usb connection

1, in the camera’s transmission data cable interface connected to the computer’s USB port.

2, then in the lower right corner of the computer there is a prompt to update the program driver tips.

3, at this time to open the need to use the camera program, in this case to open the QQ program, for example, in finding the camera function options, click the “Open Preview Screen” option.

4, if you can open the camera screen can be connected successfully.

User Reviews

Let the application connect from my iPad to my Windows PC. if you just run the application on the computer and iPad, it will work fine. The problem is that the program window on the computer is too small to resize. When I tried using it as a webcam for zooming and jamkazam, the result was the same. The visuals in both photos are constantly flickering from picture to black. I think a stroke warning should have been issued before I tried it. When zooming, I tried sharing my screen and it worked, but again the screen was small and I couldn’t resize it. I paid $6.99 for the iPad screen controls, but you can only do a few things: flip the camera, mirror, and brighten. I can’t really use the bright light because I don’t have a flashlight on my iPad. I hope if this app gets more funding then there will be more screen control options like video filters, fix flicker, and let me resize windows on my computer.

Optimizations and bug fixes.
Iriun Webcam Pro Mod APK App Download V2.6
Download Iriun Webcam Pro Mod APK App Download V2.6 
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