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IQIYI MOD App Apk Downloa V4.10.0

IQIYI MOD App Apk Downloa V4.10.0
  • Updated
  • Version 4.10.0
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer iQIYI
  • Genre Entertainment
  • Google Play
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IQIYI MOD App Apk Downloa V4.10.0

This is the version provided by Google Play Store, so you can download it directly here and use it. The international version of Aikii is the English version, some friends may not be accustomed to see, but the international version without advertising Oh!

Version Description

Google Store version, new registered users can get one month VIP for free.

Update note, some people reflect the need to verify credit card to receive VIP, it is indeed so.

If you have a balance in google play, you can receive it directly.

But for the sake of financial security, it is not recommended for newbies to bind credit card for one month VIP.

It can be used purely as an international version of Aiki, as if many domestic VIP to watch, the international version is not VIP can also watch.

Is the international version of Akiyon membership common with the domestic version?

Google store IQIYI and the domestic application store of Aqiyi VIP is not common, the account is logged on, but does not show VIP, but Tencent video and Youku VIP is common

The international version of AQIYI has fewer ads and more concise content, and there is no difference between the other and the domestic version.

What is the difference between the international version of Akiyip

The differences between the mainland China version and the overseas version are: different resources, different app store boards, and different membership.

I. Different resources

1, the Chinese mainland version: the Chinese mainland version of more resources, you can watch more copyright video episodes movies. Because the video company to buy the copyright is by region.

2, overseas version: overseas version of the resources are less, generally only to buy the entire range of domestic countries allowed to play the copyright.

Second, the application store board is different

1, mainland China version: mainland China version will have an application store section in the display list.

2、Overseas version: Overseas version will not have an app store section in the display list.

3、Different membership

1、Mainland China version: The members of the mainland China version are VIP members and tennis members.

2、Overseas version: The overseas version only has VIP membership.

How to install Akiyon International Edition by cell phone

Directly download the software provided by the editor and install it.

The international version of Aikiya is the Google version, you need to download the Google three pieces to use, and you need a Google account or you can’t use it, there is also a Google version of Aikiya is no advertising, very good.

Latest Updates

November 11, 2022 v4.10.0

We regularly release updates to fix bugs and optimize your experience

September 23, 2022 v4.8.1

We release regular updates to fix bugs and optimize your experience

July 27, 2022 v4.7.0

We release regular updates to fix bugs and optimize your experience

July 10, 2022 v4.6.5

We release regular updates to fix bugs and optimize your experience.

July 7, 2022 v4.6.1

【Brand Upgrade】Launched the new logo, running to a new future.

Related Information

On November 6, iQIYI APP, the international version of Akiyip, launched a strategic cooperation with Astro, the number one media brand in Malaysia, to promote the localization and operation of Akiyip’s international market in Malaysia. This is the first time that the overseas version of iQIYI product is launched outside of Malaysia.

Malaysian users can either log in to iQIYI App directly with Astro account or register a new account through email or Facebook or Google account to enjoy iQIYI entertainment services. Global users can download and use iQIYI international services through App Store, Google Play and other app stores.

It is reported that in June 2019, A QIYI officially launched its overseas version of iQIYI App. iQIYI App provides global operation support through its mid-table system, while deploying multiple sets of data centers and content distribution networks overseas to intelligently match different market environments through deep machine learning to ensure playback experience. iQIYI App currently supports Chinese, English, Malay, Thai iQIYI App currently supports Chinese, English, Malay, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and other languages and intelligent search. In terms of international business operations, iQIYI has its own resident team and is committed to exploring personalized operation models for different international markets together with the local team.

Astro, a leading Malaysian digital media platform in TV, OTT and radio, currently serves 5.7 million households in Malaysia (76% of Malaysian households) and is the first international application partner of Akiyip outside of China.

The latest update includes bug fixes and experience improvements.
IQIYI MOD App Apk Downloa V4.10.0
Download IQIYI MOD App Apk Downloa V4.10.0 

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