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Ibis Paint X Pro MOD APP APK V10.0.1 For Android

Ibis Paint X Pro MOD APP APK V10.0.1 For Android
  • Updated
  • Version 10.0.1
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer ibis inc
  • Genre Art Design
  • Google Play
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Ibis Paint X Pro MOD APP APK V10.0.1 For Android

ibis paint is a very popular mobile painting production app. rich mobile painting creation gadgets, subtle color adjustment can be freely adjusted, on a smooth cell phone and can be created with the help of a stylus or personal finger, there are also a lot of templates for reference so that everyone can become a real artist! If you need it, come and download it from Cyclone Software Park!


Aipenspaint x aka (ibispaint x) is a very good Android painting software, you can paint directly in the palm of your hand, very convenient, easy to carry, records life at any time burst of inspiration, with a variety of brushes a section of the screen tone for you to choose, you can also add filters and so on. A variety of layer commands, such as layer copy, import from the library, horizontal flip, vertical flip, layer rotation, layer move, and zoom. The tools you need to draw and create are all available here, as well as settings to add dip pens, felt-tip pens, digital pens, etc. You can also set their parameters, such as transparency and consistency, etc. The software’s unique OpenGL technology allows you to feel the effects of processing at high speed, plus you can record the process of painting and share it with your friends. The interesting thing is that you can also choose the right action and expression for your character according to your script!

Software features

1、A real drawing application beyond PC illustration software!

2、Use OpenGL technology, smooth, high-speed operation feels pleasant!

3、Ability to store the drawing process as a movie!

4、Use the SNS function drawing application to understand how to draw pictures!

Main Features

Brush function

Smooth painting with frame rate up to 60 fps.

121 types of brushes, including dip pen, felt tip pen, digital pen, airbrush, fan pen and flat brush pen.

Multiple brush parameters, such as start/end consistency, start/end opacity, and initial/final brush angle.

Quick sliders let you quickly adjust brush consistency and opacity.

Real-time brush preview.

Layer Functions

Create as many layers as your device’s memory allows (depending on the device and canvas size).

Layer modes, such as individual layer opacity, alpha blending, plus, minus, and positive overlay.

Multiple layer commands, such as layer copy, import from the library, flip horizontally, flip vertically, layer rotate, layer move, and zoom.

Selection function

Supports 256 levels of selection per pixel (selection layer).

Selection flip, move, rotate and zoom.

Brush can be changed according to the selection, fill function, layer duplication, layer chaining, layer movement, rotation, and scaling.

Color Functions

There are 30 colors in the palette, and you can select any color you need by using the color wheel of HSB or RGB.

Drag and drop to the palette to save.

The color picker operates in a “click and hold” manner.

Overall drawing function

Undo/Redo function allows you to undo/redo more than 100 steps (stored in the available memory).

Brush, eraser, smear, blur, fill, and color picker.

The smear function is not supported on PowerVR SGX 531/540-equipped devices.

Blur function is not supported on PowerVR SGX 531/535/540 or NVIDIA Tegra 2/3 equipped devices.

Smooth scaling (70%-4000%).

Functions to enjoy the painting process

The “My Gallery” function allows you to enjoy your own paintings.

Replay your painting process (replay speed can be adjusted).

Export replay video (mp4) and capture (png) to gallery by export function. (Video can be saved after the upload is complete).

Encode and upload function (only supported for devices running Android 4.1 or higher).

Share the URL of your painting to Twitter and Facebook.

Send push notifications when your drawing receives comments.

Download other people’s drawings (vector files).

Enjoy other people’s paintings in the Local Gallery.

Import and export vector files to PC and/or Mac using the USB file transfer function.

- Changed maximum canvas size from 4096px to 16384px and now 600dpi on A4 paper is supported (On some devices it is not supported due to hardware limitations).
- Added the ability to display the guidelines of the manga manuscript paper on the canvas.
- Added grid function to the View menu, which is added at the top of the Canvas screen.
- Added the ability to extend/reduce the selection area in the Selection menu.
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Ibis Paint X Pro MOD APP APK V10.0.1 For Android
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